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Ready to stop living vicariously?

Ready to stop living vicariously?

We love stories about people who have survived trials and testing to emerge the hero of his or her own life. It’s called living vicariously! We experience in our imagination through the feelings or actions of another person. It’s great as entertainment, but is it really living, and being the hero in your own life?

The journey into unchartered territory is scary for everyone, but for those who are brave enough to take that first step life becomes a wonderful adventure. Stepping out of our life of conformity and into a world of uncertainty takes courage and self belief in our own value. I mean, who in their right mind would walk away from a secure income, even if they aren’t happy, just to go on some personal quest to who knows where? Why would you do that?

Some will, some won’t. So what! The question is will you?

The reasons people change direction in life are many fold, but I suspect one reason has to be because they want to feel more fulfilled as a person. We feel a deeper sense of satisfaction when we are using our own natural gifts and talents to help others. Doing what you do best creates sense of freedom, joy and happiness. Some mentors call it ‘finding your voice.’ Are you ready to find your voice? Are you ready to change your life?

Living vicariouslyFinding your voice takes courage, imagination and self belief. It means moving beyond living vicariously and believing in your own story. You have to believe you are valuable enough and capable of making a living on your own, you have to trust your gut feelings and follow the clues that show up daily, weekly, monthly. You have to be able to use your imagination to think ‘outside the box.’

By my late 40’s through I had already been self employed and teaching in a prestigious school for many years. I love teaching but I felt I could do more and wanted to incorporate other aspects of me, and incorporate all my gifts and passions into my life and work.

I struggled at first, but gradually the ideas came and a plan was formed. I wrote a 7 week creative self discovery course, which later opened the door to training as a Grief Recovery Specialist. Now I know my purpose is to enable others to free themselves from the burden of unresolved grief, reignite their creative imagination and fulfil their potential.

Imagination is the first step

Imagination is the first stepOne of my recent clients said I am doing what I set out to do and my course has made a huge difference to her. In fact every single person who has completed the course has expressed the same feelings in different ways!!!

That brings me such joy that I don’t even have the words to express it. It’s just a feeling deep within my heart. I am adding more projects and courses as new ideas and pathways open up. It all begins with the courage to take the first step.

Are you ready to stop living vicariously and reconnect with your creative spirit and open your mind to your own potential?

Please email me at if you would like any more information about how creative healing can help you.

You might like to check out this interesting TED talk by Giovanni Corazza talking about the difficulty of thinking creatively without preparation. To change the way you look at things you need to prepare your mind. Creative Self Discovery is a fun, engaging way to do it. 🙂

Emotional Freedom. How to move from ABC to DE and F.

Emotional Freedom. How do move from ABC to DE and F?

Emotional TurmoilEmotional Freedom is more than ABC! We’ve all heard things like ‘It’s easy as ABC’ to describe easy methods that help us accomplish things. But what about DE and F? You’ve reached C and now you’re stuck! What if you’ve done everything you know but nothing is working?

Feeling stuck can lead to feelings of Disillusion, Despair, Depression or worse. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ or ‘No one understands!’ ‘I don’t know what to do’ are common thoughts we all experience from time to time.

We all have behaviour patterns that are so instinctive and natural that we’re not even aware we’re doing them most of the time. We call these patterns Habits. Habits are formed when our Subconscious Mind is impressed with a belief our Conscious Mind has accepted as true. Our Subconscious Mind cannot reason or argue, and accepts what we Consciously believe to be true for us and acts accordingly.

The brains ability to create neural pathways and store habits is an energy efficient way of freeing up our Prefrontal Cortex to focus on new stuff. It is great if those habits lead to positive results. But not so great when they produce negative results. We may even recognise that our current behaviour is not working, yet feel unable to change. Solutions are created by changing our perspective, and expanding our belief system.

Habitual Behaviours are caused by our Belief System

Our Automatic Behaviours are triggered by our Beliefs, creating an effect we experience in our life. If the effect of our beliefs and behaviour throw us into a state of Chaos and Confusion it can create feelings of Distress, Disillusion or Despair which, if not addressed, may lead to Depression. Depression is the result of pressing down negative emotion.

A B C = D

Automated Beliefs/Behaviours that create Confusion and Chaos = Distress

Emotional FreedomOther things that cause us emotional distress are uncertainty and loss. Feelings of grief are the normal and natural reaction of all humans when we experience things like Death of a loved one, Divorce or some other kind of Devastation in our lives. Most people are not taught how to deal with these kinds of negative emotions, and so thy try to push them down, we grieve alone and pretend we’re fine. These behaviours are usually learned through childhood and have become automatic, habitual responses which can lead to anxiety, stress and Depression.

There is a way to free yourself from the pain and negative emotion we carry around due to unresolved grief. The Grief Recovery Method (GRM) is a fantastic programme created by two men, John James and Russell Friedman, over 30 years, as a result of finding no help was available when they were facing their own personal grief.


D (divided by) GRM = Emotional Freedom

How many Emotional Bricks are you carrying?

Emotional BaggageLet’s imagine when we’re born we’re given a heart shaped bag that we have to carry around with us for the rest of our lives. The bag is light and airy and easy to carry. Now, imagine if every time you experienced some form of loss you were given an emotional brick, or even six bricks, to put in your bag. It’s easy to see that by the time most of us are adults our bag feels pretty heavy. The more loss we experience the heavier our bag gets, causing us stress and pain. Eventually the bag gets soooo heavy we are just not able to carry it any more. We feel stuck, unable to move forward and don’t know what to do.

All we need to do is open the bag and take out the emotional bricks! Right? It’s so simple yet we don’t do it. Why? Because carrying our bag has become habitual behaviour, and our deeply held belief is we must carry our bricks as a symbol of our love for the person or thing we have lost. This is NOT TRUE! It is a false belief we’ve accepted as true which controls our behaviour.

Emotional Freedom does not mean forgetting loved ones. It means setting ourselves Free to move Forward, taking with us all the positive, wonderful memories without the burden of carrying painful, negative ones. If you are experiencing the weight of a heavy emotional heart, then I reach out to you now and urge you to seek help. Do not suffer in silence.

You can contact me at or visit the Grief Recovery Website for more information. Grief Recovery Method UK



Do you know your Ideal Client!!?

Do you know your Ideal Client!?

Ideal ClientIn business we often try to define our ‘Ideal Client’ by physical age, gender, social status, hobbies, or social concerns. I certainly have, and yet somehow I still felt I was missing something. That was, until earlier this week, after a little discussion with my sister. As we talked, I became aware that maybe I have been looking in the wrong place for my ‘Ideal Client’.

I realised my ‘Ideal Client’ is not easily defined by physical age or gender, but rather by spiritual age. That may sound a bit strange…. let me explain….. As we face a world that is going through huge changes in governments, social issues and uncertainty, millions of people all over the world are searching for answers. They are questioning the status quo and looking for a deeper, more spiritual meaning for their life. Some people call this spiritual seek and find process ‘Awakening.’ It’s about individuals searching for themselves, questioning what they believe and no longer just accepting what they have been told by school, church, society, etc.

The best environment for learning

yay-lets-play-ideal clientQ. How do human’s learn best?

A. When doing fun things they enjoy.

Q. Where did we all do fun things that helped us learn?

A. At Play School.

We may not have appreciated it at the time due to being so young, but Play School or Kindergarten was a safe place to play, learn, make friends, understand about ourselves, life and how we fitted in. We creatively explored, experimented, used our imaginations, made new friends and learnt through stories and mental challenges that enabled us to grow. It was only as we entered a more formal education at around 7 years of age that we learnt to conform, do as we were told and not question ‘perceived’ authority.

I realised this week, what I offer through my Creative Mindfulness courses is a sort of ‘Spiritual Play School.’ It’s a fun, safe environment where anyone (regardless of physical age or gender), can learn and understand more about themselves, their purpose and spiritual and metaphysical concepts while doing fun stuff. There are millions of people all over the world waking up to the fact that in order to survive we need to change. We all have a part to play that is unique to us. When we let go of the competitive, I’m better than you, ego based mindset we have been taught through an education system that too often ‘judges fish by their ability to climb trees!‘ we can all help each other. If you’re ready to change the way you look at things, you are my ‘Ideal Client.’ 🙂

Possibility is in every man

‘There is no possibility that is in any man that is not in every man; but if they proceed naturally, no two men will grow into the same thing, or be alike. Every man comes into the world with a predisposition to grow along certain lines, and growth is easier for him along those lines than in any other way. This is a wise provision, for it gives endless variety. It is as if a gardener should throw all his bulbs into one basket; to the superficial observer they would look alike, but growth reveals a tremendous difference. So of men and women, they are a basket of bulbs. One may be a rose and add brightness and color to some dark corner of the world; one may be a lily and teach lessons of love and purity to every eye that sees; one may be a climbing vine and hide the rugged outlines of some dark rock; one may be a great oak among whose boughs the birds shall nest and sing, and beneath whose shade the flocks shall rest at noon, but every one will be something worthwhile, something rare, something perfect.’ (Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Being Great)

lets-help-each-otherAs more people start to question what they can offer the world while living their own dreams too, a very important aspect of our humanity is needed. Our  ‘Creative Imagination!’ You have the ability to create anything. Years of conditioned thinking, suppressed creativity, television and social media that loves to highlight negativity, has created a population that tends to focus on the negative. Self doubt and fear stop us from stepping up. People are afraid of people. Too many distrust out of fear of being cheated or taken advantage of.

Sadly we have grown up in an era that loves to build people up just so we can knock them down again. Adverts that encourage us to sue everyone and anyone for the slightest thing that does not go our way. We’re encouraged to take out legal protection against a mass of potential problems. When I was a kid, if you fell over you just got up, brushed yourself down and carried on. You didn’t go looking for the nearest Libel Solicitor!!! How can this possibly be healthy for the over all Well-Being of the human race?

I don’t have time!

We desperately need to return to positive, creative thinking, fun, play, experimentation, friendship, love and trust. I feel strongly that my purpose is to provide a happy, fun, safe environment where people can reignite their positive, healthy imagination. Where friendship and sharing goes without saying. Under all the bravado we are all still excited, imaginative, fun loving children. If the reflection in the mirror is a scared, unconfident, stuck adult, it is because you have allowed the pressure of this modern world to get you down. You can break free!

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun!’ (Albert Einstein)

A recent client made the observation that, when you feel you don’t have time for Creative Mindfulness is exactly when you most need it. Ask someone coping with a dying relative how precious time is? One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself is time to reconnect with yourself. When your glass is full you have plenty to give to others.

‘Nothing was ever in any man or woman that is not in you; no man or woman ever had more spiritual or mental power than you can attain, or did greater things than you can accomplish. You can become what you want to be.’ (Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Being Great)

Are you feeling it?

If this blog post resonates with you in any way, you are my ‘Ideal Client’ and I want to help you. I run live courses for those who live in or around Shropshire, UK and Online for those who live further afield. Open your mind to possibility as you turn trash into treasure. Gain insight and inspiration that can help you see your potential while you have fun. 100% of clients said they feel happier and more confident as a result of my course. Are you ready to reconnect with your creative side?

This weekend I am offering the ‘Super Charge Your Self Confidence in 7 Creative Weeks’ Online Course at a substantial discount in order to reach out to everyone who needs and wants to give themselves a gift. Time, to recharge, refocus and reignite your creativity while gaining an understanding of deeper Universal Laws. Go on….you know you want to. 🙂

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Create. Educate. Liberate.


You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘You create your own reality.’ But what does it mean?

universal-laws-are-just-that-universalLife can make us feel mentally boxed in and unable to imagine ourselves in any other way. However, huge numbers of people all over the world are awakening to the fact that rather than the old adage, ‘Seeing is Believing’ the truth is ‘Believing is Seeing.’ In metaphysical and spiritual teachings we learn that the outer world is created by the inner world.

The things you physically see and experience in daily life are described as your ‘Outer World.’ This is the objective, physical world of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Living in an attraction based Universe means we attract to us things in harmony with our dominant vibration. We create this vibration through our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. The Law of Attraction is impartial just like the Law of Electricity. If you stick your finger in an electric socket you’ll get an electric shock no matter who you are. Universal Laws work the same for all. How we use our knowledge of them is up to us.


you-always-have-a-choice createOur ‘Inner World’ is our imagination, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It takes conscious effort to change old thought habits, especially if you have strong neural pathways and momentum going around negative beliefs. We can’t stop thoughts popping into our mind, but with effort we can control which ones we focus our attention on. Like shining a torch, flicking through TV channels or radio stations, if you don’t like what you find, move on until you find something of interest to you.

Imagination is a gift we are all born with. Where we focus it is up to us. Too often we slip into habitual negative imaginings rather than positive ones because we are bombarded by so much negativity. Studies have found our body responds physically to our thoughts. The Subconscious Mind doesn’t know the difference between a ‘real’ experience and an ‘imagined’ one. So if you can create an image in your mind of the person you want to be, with focused concentration, you change your energy levels. Then watch and observe how people and circumstances show up to enable you to fulfil your desire.

‘Some men seem to attract success, power, wealth, attainment, with very little conscious effort; others conquer with great difficulty; still others fail altogether to reach their ambitions, desires and ideals. Why is this so? Why should some men realize their ambitions easily, others with difficulty, and still others not at all? The cause cannot be physical, else the most perfect men physically would be the most successful. The difference, therefore, must be mental – must be in the mind; hence mind must be the creative force, must constitute the sole difference between men. It is mind, therefore, which overcomes environment and every other obstacle in the path of man.’ (Charles Haanel – Mental Chemistry)


I love studying metaphysical and spiritual teachings daily. As I process things in my mind I love to create fun ways to pass on this knowledge. We all learn by doing and we all love to do things that are fun. Creative Mindfulness gives your mind and body time to relax, switch off from the hustle and bustle of life and listen to your own heart. Making creative projects that illustrate deeper meanings about life is an inspiring way of learning. My natural skills are teaching and I love breaking down complicated subjects into easy to understand, manageable chunks. Add to this my passion for making things out of rubbish and what you get is a powerful, fun, engaging course that enables you to break free from the life that you have boxed yourself in. Take a minute to hear how Sam experienced the ‘Super Charge Your Self Confidence in 7 Creative Weeks’ Course.  (this link will take you to my Online Course site)

Set Your Imagination Free

Seeing the ‘lights’ go on in someones eyes as they have their own ‘aha’ moments is all I need to put a big smiley face on my calendar at the end of the day. I love creating, I love teaching self discovery through creative mindfulness and helping others. The key to your life is your imagination. Creative Mindfulness turns the key.

When you get that buzz in your Solar Plexus or flutter in your heart you know you’ve found your purpose. Mine is to Create, Educate and Liberate. 🙂  I thought I’d share a photo of a Multi Media piece that I am working on this week. It’s not finished but I just love the colours and patterns in this image. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and look into the picture. What do you see?

Love Multi Media #CreativeMindfulness #Create #Educate #Liberate #sandraowencreative

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How much damage can a grain of sand create?

How much damage can a grain of sand create?

drip-drip-drip sandThe damage a grain of sand can create depends on where it is. A grain of sand in your shoe may go completely unnoticed, but if you get a grain of sand in your eye you’ll soon know about it! Sometimes a false belief or perception about ourself can get lodged so deeply in our subconscious mind that we may not even be aware of it for years. Like stalagmites and stalactites it grows bigger over a long period of time as every life experience drips and calcifies around the grain of sand.

We literally attract circumstances in life that reflect our belief, which we interpret as evidence that this is a part of our character. How many times do people say ‘that’s just the way I am!’ when actually all they are doing is confirming a false belief about themselves?!

Like stalactites our false beliefs can grow gently, one drip at a time. They may not be visible for many years, and then one day you realise something is seriously wrong with your life. Your confidence has hit rock bottom, your self belief is in tatters. Dislodging false beliefs can be painful because they have become so much a part of who we believe ourself to be. Without this underlying belief we have to question everything about ourselves. For many this can be scary because it is unknown. Who would we be without this firmly held belief?

Be the ME you were created to be!

‘It is only by a change of consciousness, by actually changing your concept of yourself, that you can “build more stately mansions” – the manifestations of higher and higher concepts.’ (Neville Goddard – The Power of Awareness)

be-the-magnificent-energy-you-were-created-to-beAs I mentioned in last weeks blog post, I had a one to one coaching session with a wonderful lady called Jackie Tweedie last week, who enabled me to release my metaphorical grain of sand. As I have reflected over this week I can now clearly see how my false belief (my grain of sand) has played out in every relationship and action in my life. Self Discovery is like peeling away the layers of an onion. You can get to the centre but you have to peel away the outer layers first, yet the Universe never asks us to peel away more layers than we are ready for.

It’s now been 9 days since I faced and released my false belief and things are already happening that I could never have predicted. By letting go, I’ve created the space for new beliefs and positive energy to flow in. I can trust the Magnificent Energy within me to help me use my gifts, personal experiences and knowledge to enable others to dislodge the false beliefs (or grains of sand) in their own lives. If you lack confidence and self belief, if you find yourself being a martyr or disrespected, then the first and only place to look for the answers is within yourself. What beliefs are you holding about yourself that are attracting these experiences to you?

Change Takes Courage

‘You must turn from the objective appearance of things to the subjective centre of things, your consciousness, if you truly desire to know the cause of the phenomena of life, and how to use this knowledge to realize your fondest dreams.’ (Neville Goddard – The Power of Awareness)

its-no-good-looking-outside-when-the-thing-you-need-is-insideI was listening to Dr Wayne Dyer’s, ‘The Power of Intention’ this week where he tells a funny anecdote about losing his keys one night in the house during a power failure (click to link to hear this story). After realising he could not find them in the dark, he decided to look outside where the street light was still on. A neighbour came to help and the two of them searched and searched the ground under the street light. Eventually the neighbour asked where Wayne had dropped the keys and he replied, in the house! Rather astonished, the neighbour asked why he was looking outside if he dropped the keys inside? Because, he sensibly explained,  there is light out here! 🙂

It’s an amusing story that illustrates the futility of looking outside when the thing you are searching for are inside. To change your life you need to think differently, creatively and open your mind to new ideas. Creative Mindfulness is a fantastic way to step into your own heart and mind and discover false perceptions that may be holding you back, reveal your passions and purpose and change the way you look at things. As you gain confidence and belief in yourself again you can make clearer decisions that will alter your future.

We need to believe ourselves and love ourselves from the Inside Out 

Who created who in who’s Image?

Created in his Image

imageI’m sure you’ve heard the quote, ‘God created man in his own image.’ But have you ever stopped to think about what this actually means?

My last couple of weeks have been emotional, uplifting and amazing. On Tuesday I went to see a wonderful lady, Jackie Tweedie, an intuitive and experienced Clarity Coach who works with Colour Mirrors. The first time I met Jackie I knew she could help me with somethings I was struggling with, and I was not wrong. The couple of hours I spent with her were very powerful, as she gently and skilfully enabled me to release some old limiting beliefs that had been buried for many years.

A few days later the phrase ‘God created man in his own image‘ floated through my mind. Like many people I just thought this meant we are like God. We probably remember seeing  caricatures depicting God as a giant ‘human like’ figure who sits in the clouds and somehow this idea stuck!

Mental Labour

mental-labour-imageThis week I had an epiphany! Whether you choose to use the word ‘God’, ‘Universal Spirit’ or ‘Source Energy’ doesn’t really matter. What matters is the emphasis or meaning you attach to the words ‘his,’ ‘own’ and ‘image’. Here are the thoughts that came to me:

Firstly, the word ‘image‘ means ‘a mental representation; idea; conception.’ In other words, a concept or form created in the imagination. A thought.

Secondly, if you study metaphysical and spiritual concepts, you may know that thought is energy and thoughts become things. That being true, this biblical phrase takes on a whole new meaning!  We know through science that everything is energy. God/Universal Spirit/Source Energy is pure, static energy, and it’s man’s ability to think that causes it to vibrate.

‘Thought contains a vital principle, because it is the creative principle of the Universe and by its nature will combine with other similar thoughts.’ (Charles Haanel – The Master Key System)

Real power comes from within

imagineTo ‘think‘ means to ‘call something to one’s conscious mind; to invent or conceive of something.’ Our thoughts and beliefs are first created in our imagination. When we focus or pay attention to our thoughts we create feelings and emotions within us, adding power to the vibration. The Law of Attraction then begins drawing to us things of similar vibration until eventually they manifest experiences into our life.

Have you considered God/The Universe/Source Energy loves us so much that it gave humans the gift of Consciousness, of self awareness, so we may manifest our own life experience through our own imagination. This in my humble opinion makes the phrase ‘God created man in his own image’ scientifically correct. We are the result of our own imaginings. Our own image of who we believe we are is exactly what and who we become.

‘The law of attraction will certainly and unerringly bring to you the conditions, environment, and experiences in life, corresponding with your habitual, characteristic, and predominant mental attitude. Not what you think once in a while when you are in church, or have just read a good book, BUT your predominant mental attitude is what counts.’ (Charles Haanel – The Master Key System) 

Cultivate your Imagination

Your predominant mental attitude stems from your beliefs about yourself which you have accepted as true over your lifetime to date. Once limiting beliefs are released, just stand back and marvel at how the energy flows. That has been my experience this week. 🙂

I feel so strongly that my purpose is to wake up people’s imagination. To help them to know and believe in their own creativity again. Too many people have lost confidence in their creativity, have stopped believing in themselves. The world is awakening to the true power of the mind. If you are feeling stuck, and this blog post has struck a cord with you in any way, maybe it’s time to reconnect with your creative imagination?!

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Feel like you’re wearing an Invisibility Cloak? Are you willing to become visible?

Feel like you’re wearing an Invisibility Cloak? 

who-are-you-invisibilityAre your habitual thoughts creating an invisibility cloak? In his book ‘Infinite Possibilities’, Mike Dooley says our thinking habits can become routine just like physical habits. When I start to feel frustrated or stuck it is usually because my old, comfort zone, habitual thinking is not keeping up with who I am becoming.

When we think about something we desire in our life, we create it in spiritual form. We can not see, taste or touch it physically, but we have created it non the less in our imagination. It’s just not invisible to the naked eye yet. The only way to know if I am headed towards my desire is through my feelings. When I feel happy, excited and enthusiastic I know I am headed in the right direction. If I feel unhappy, miserable and apathetic then my Inner Being is letting me know that I am not going in the right direction.

Time to think differently.

‘The real secret of power is consciousness of power. The Universal Mind is unconditional; therefore, the more conscious we become of our my unity with this mind, the less conscious we shall become of conditions and limitations, and as we become emancipated or freed from conditions we come into a realization of the unconditional. We have become free! (Charles Haanel – The Master Key System)

Are your beliefs keeping up with your desires?

here-i-am-invisibilityWe have lots of desires throughout our lifetime for many different reasons. My business desire is to help you to think differently so you can unlock your potential. Why? Because thinking differently changes your life. As human beings it’s important for us to feel safe to explore new ideas. You might feel the need to change your thinking but unless you are willing to try new things you will not move forward. There is a huge difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’, but being ‘willing’ bridges the mental and emotional gap that allows us to stretch our comfort zone. Creative Mindfulness also bridges the gap in a fun, inspiring and uplifting way. You can’t help but gain Self Confidence and Self Belief.

All my life I have been extremely comfortable wearing my metaphorical ‘invisibility cloak’. I have resisted stepping into the limelight, speaking in public and declaring my authenticity. I was afraid to be me. I was comfortable hiding in my habitual thinking, believing that I can’t do these things. And whoa betide anyone who tried to push, pull or cajole me into becoming more extrovert. The words ‘heels’ and ‘dig’ spring to mind! 🙂

‘As thought is creative, and the truth is the highest and most perfect thought which anyone can think, it is self-evident that to think the truth is to create that which is true and it is again evident that when truth comes into being that which is false must cease to be.’ (Charles Haanel – The Master Key System)

Are you willing to become visible?

Face your challenges and learn. Become VisibleAs I have stepped into my power over the past few years and owned my desires, I have also rattled my ‘old thinking habit’ cage. My old beliefs are not keeping up with my new desires, and so my feelings subtly let me know. I do believe the Universe is also loving and gentle and never gives us more than we can cope with, yet I know it is time to take off my invisibility cloak!

That means talking to more people, being a speaker at events, and even, dare I say it, learning to master video and Facebook Live!!! 🙁 Up til now I’ve not been able to do this because I didn’t have the option on my phone (what a shame!!), which I only discovered last week was because my phone was too old and the memory capacity would not upgrade my Facebook app. Now I have upgraded my phone….. the world is my oyster as they say!!!!….’IF’ I ‘want’ and am ‘willing’ to use it. eeek! 🙂 I do and I am, but also feel totally out of my comfort zone. So I have enlisted the help of a good friends Sam Warner from ‘Get Your Message Across’ and Tammy Adams from Intuitive Understanding to help me. Watch this space! lol

We all have unique gifts and talents. Unless we allow ourselves to be seen and heard we may miss out on the wonderful opportunities that are waiting for us. A musician can create beautiful music alone, but together the experience is transformed into something one musician cannot achieve alone. As you listen to one of my favourite pieces of film music, watch the musicians. Each is an individual, who has practiced their skill, honed their talent, and was willing to show up and connect with others. The result as each individual cooperates and works in harmony with the others creates magic. Register today for News updates and receive my ’12 Meditation Mandala’ ebook as a thank you gift. For course information please click on the Courses tab.

It’s an Energy Thing!

It’s an Energy Thing! Believe it or not. 

Raise my EnergyHave you ever found yourself in that energy space where everything you do seems to just flow? Life feels good, money flows in, relationships are blossoming and your confidence and self belief are off the charts! 🙂 Then, almost without warning you hit a metaphorical brick wall! Suddenly everything feels like a struggle, money seems hard to find, things become irksome and irritating and you feel fearful about making decisions. 🙁

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably experienced both of these emotional extremes and many places in between. So what causes the change in energy? What stops the flow? And how do you get yourself back on track when you’re feeling rubbish inside? Often we don’t even realise we are being drawn into a negative cycle of thinking until we are really entrenched. One day we just notice our mood is down, we feel lethargic, stressed, miserable or even depressed.

‘The ordinary man, who has no definite knowledge of cause and effect, is governed by his feelings or emotions.’ (Charles Haanel – The Master Key System)

Slowing the Momentum

Energy ThingBecause we live in an attraction based Universe, what we believe and feel about ourselves attracts people and circumstances of a similar vibration. Everything in our life is a mirror of what is going on inside. So if things in your life have taken a turn for the worse you need to examine your thoughts and feelings. Looking outside of yourself for answers does not help.

You have to look within, at what you believe and feel. This can be easier said than done, so Creative Mindfulness is a fabulous way to relax and slow the momentum of negative energy caused by any number of reasons.

Have you ever noticed how a young child can often be distracted from an upset and the tears stop almost immediately. I would suggest that this is because very young children have not reached that point in their conscious awareness that causes them dwell on negative thought for long, enabling them to switch vibrational energy quickly.

As adults however, we often take longer to calm down after an upset. As mentioned in a previous blog, I like the Abraham Hicks description of a train travelling 100 miles an hour in one direction cannot instantaneously go 100 miles an hour in the opposite direction without causing damage to the contents. (Click the link to listen to the explanation). Your emotional energy has often gathered momentum by the time you become aware of it and so you need to give yourself time to slow down and alter your perspective.

Transformation comes from Within

change-your-perspective-change-your-lifeCreative Mindfulness is a perfect way to do this. As well as uplifting your mood, it also gives you time to reflect, connect with your feelings and see things with a fresh insight. More often than not, the answers you seek are right there in front of you; you are just unable to see them from a low emotional vibration. Your mind is enormously powerful, but it can only see what it has been prepared to see. Edward de Bono says unless we prepare the brain by creating new possibilities, we are unable to see new patterns and ideas.

‘Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.’ (Edward de Bono)

Believe in Yourself

As you take rubbish and transform it into beautiful creative projects, you are also taking your rubbish emotional state and transforming it. In our modern world crammed full of instant everything and ever more powerful technology, we can lose our real Self in gigabytes, advertising and fast food. Is it time you took some time to reconnect with your Self, reignite your creative spirit and change the way you look at things? Then book yourself onto one of my Creative Mindfulness Courses today! 100% of course members think everybody should do this course. Click here fore course information.

‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t you are right.’ (Henry Ford)

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The Golden Nugget of Business – Self Worth

What’s the Golden Nugget of your Business?

golden-nugget-self-worthI know many of the circumstances and life scenarios that attracted people to do my Creative Mindfulness Course. But I still hadn’t nailed their true why! I was still missing that ‘Golden Nugget.’ What was the ‘one thing‘ that clients wanted and needed? What drove people to immerse themselves in seven weeks of Creative Mindfulness?

Although life circumstances such as  loss, bereavement, divorce, redundancy, lack of focus, stress, overwhelm, midlife crisis…etc, were the obvious reasons, they are still not the true reason people attend.

As I’ve pondered this question and thought about each and every course member, and reminisced over how each gained in confidence and happiness over the period of seven weeks, I realised actually, what the course provides is relief and release from emotional blocks. It provides human connection and a fresh, new creative open door through which each person gained a new sense of Self Worth and Confidence.

What’s your Self Worth Upper Limit?

my-upper-limit-self worthIn my humble opinion, Self Worth is probably one of the number one causes of fear, self doubt, procrastination and inner emotional and mental turmoil. Issues around Self Worth run very deeply for so many people. In his book ‘The Big Leap’ Gay Hendricks discusses how each of us has an ‘Upper Limit,’ whereby we hold mental and emotional limits around what we think we deserve. When we get close to achieving our Upper Limit, subconsciously we Self Sabotage because we don’t believe we are worthy of more. Even millionaires can have a glass ceiling that prevents them from becoming billionaires! 🙂

I love continuously learning and understanding personal development, metaphysical and spiritual material. Over the last few weeks I’ve discovered some Upper Limits I was still carrying deep in my psyche. No matter how much Self Development we have done there is always more to learn. What is holding you back from moving forward? It’s probably not what you think it is!

I want to break free!

When you take the time to slow down, give your Conscious Mind and body something creative to do, it allows you space to hear what your Inner Voice is saying. Creative Mindfulness (Mindfulness + Creative art, thinking and writing) in small groups enables ideas to flow and emotions, epiphanies and concerns to be expressed in a safe, comfortable environment. While fun, social interaction and making wonderful effective creative projects from rubbish releases feel good hormones and boosts Self Confidence and Self Belief.

break-free-embrace your self worthAs your emotional and mental energies rise, you are more able to release limiting beliefs, naturally increasing your Self Worth and enabling you to move forward from what seemed like an impasse in your life.

No matter what your current life circumstances, you can move forward and change your life. Negative emotions are not bad things to avoid, but rather your Inner Being’s communication with you, letting you know that you are just facing in the wrong direction. It can seem insensitive to tell someone to just turn around and face the other way when they’re in a low emotional place.

We all need a little push sometimes.

It’s not always so easy. That is exactly what Creative Mindfulness can help with. It’s a powerful, gentle and fun way to turn yourself around mentally, emotionally and physically. We all need a little help sometimes to do something that will ultimately result in our own good. I am here to nurture you and nudge you gently in the right direction.

It is truly amazing witnessing people move from tears to smiles, fear to belief and sadness to joy by reigniting their creative spirit, imagination and Self Worth. We all need encouragement, or a little push sometimes, but oh……..when you discover you can fly…………………If your Self Worth has taken a battering over the years and you’re ready to move forward, release emotional barriers and open your mind to possibility then please email me at and sign up to my month Newsletter and updates of live course dates. If you live too far away to attend a live course then please check out the online version here. ONLINE COURSES

See to Believe or Believe to See?

See to Believe or Believe to See? Which are you?

BelieveDo you need to see before you believe, or can you believe before seeing? I love reading and listening to metaphysical teachings, understanding the processes of the brain, our thoughts, the heart and our feelings. There is so much research and scientific evidence to reflect that what we think and feel affects what we experience in our life.

Many have either been taught, or accept as true that ‘Seeing is Believing’. Yet metaphysical teachings suggest that actually it is the other way around, that ‘Believing is Seeing.’ At first this can seem strange, but if you dig a little deeper you start to notice some truths in this simple phrase.

To Sit or not to Sit, that is the question.

Let’s have a bit of fun here! Suppose a friend invited you over for dinner…….

Scenario 1: After the usual pleasantries you’re invited to sit down at the dinner table. Oh no!!!! Sit on a chair!!??? But….What if……Ermm…. You look at the chair from all angles to make sure it is built properly. You ascertain that it has the usual four legs, one on each corner and a solid base on which to sit. Yea….but that’s no guarantee….so you get a magnifying glass and check all the joints, screws and posts just to be on the safe side. How complicated and irksome would life become if you had to go through this rigmarole every time you were invited to sit down??? 🙁

Scenario 2: After the usual pleasantries you’re invited to sit down at the dinner table. You sit down and start your meal, while it is still hot!!! 🙂 How easy was that?!!

Seeing is BelievingLiteral ‘Seeing is Believing’ living leads to stress, doubt, fear, hesitation, and being in a perpetual state of anxiety. If we lived every day from this perspective we would never get anything done, eat cold dinners and be a bag of nerves.

In the second scenario ‘Believing is Seeing,’ leads to trust, knowing the chair will support you without hesitation so you can just sit down and enjoy your meal. Easy. Effortless.

Every day we all do things automatically in complete faith and belief that certain things will happen. We believe before seeing, and probably 9.9999 times out of 10, our belief is correct.

Woo Woo or Wahoo!!?

We use this same assurance when plugging in the hairdryer, flicking on a light or switching on the kettle. If on the occasional 0.0001 time something doesn’t work, we don’t blame electricity or gravity for not working. We know immediately that either the appliance is faulty or we have Believing is Seeingmade a mistake. So why is it so difficult to believe, if thoughts are also energy, through our Conscious focus, we can attract to us what we want? If what we want is for our good and don’t take anyone else’s good then it’s got to be a winner for sure. Yea?!

Our heart sends out more powerful vibrations than our brain, which is why it’s very important to ‘feel.’ Feelings, like imagination, are poor Masters, but great servants. Your Conscious Mind is and always has full control over your thoughts and imagination. It’s just that we have not been encouraged to understand how the mechanism works properly and often are left wondering why things seem to go wrong.

For many conformity has been the norm, and anything outside of this is seen as ‘woo woo!’ But conformity leads to ‘woah is me’ thinking, while Conscious, deliberate focus leads to ‘wahoo I’m free’ thinking. Ready to open your mind to your potential?

Dust off your Imagination

If you’re imagination is a little dusty and in need of a boost, or if you’ve lost Self-Confidence in your ability to change your life, then take a look at what creative mindfulness can do for you. It’s fun, engaging and inspiring everyone who has done it. The online course is available at along with my 30 day taster course, ‘Feel Fabulously Focused in 30 Days.’ No previous experience is necessary. Are you ready to dig a little deeper? 🙂