Creative Workshop Overview

Please find a full list of the course options below. For more details on dates, pricing and availability just follow the link under each course.

Prices start from £32. Do not hesitate to contact me directly with any further questions.



4 x Hour Creative Taster Session (Morning or Afternoon)

Set aside a little ‘Me’ time and discover the mental, emotional and physical benefits of reconnecting with your ‘Inner child’ and explore your potential. Relax, recharge and find out why reigniting your creative imagination is so beneficial.

2 x Day Creative Emotional Healing

Emotional Isolation is one of man’s greatest causes of stress and anxiety.

On this two day course you’ll look at the 5 big emotions that hold you back and creatively apply one the 5 Ways to Well-Being to each.

7 x Week Self-Discovery Course

Boost your Self Confidence and Self Belief as you discover the potential and possibility within you. Through this inspiring, creative, innovative course, change the way you look at yourself and the world around you. 100% of clients agree. Excellent Course!

4 x Month Self-Awareness Transformation Course

Continue your personal development journey by taking a deeper look at the subconscious habits that create your life experience. Awareness is the beginning of change. Creatively explore your Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart and transform your life.

12 x Month Grief Recovery – Happiness Discovery Mentoring Programme

Has your world collapsed due to loss of your life partner through death, divorce or relationship breakdown? Receive hands-on support, mentoring and guidance for 12 months through a step-by-step series of programmes designed to enable you to move through grief recovery and discover happiness again.


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‘Creativity takes Courage.’ (Henri Matisse)


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