Grief Recovery Method

Grief Recovery Method



Unresolved grief is a major contributor to anxiety, insecurity and negative thoughts and habits. Grief affects many people at all stages in life and is often dealt with in the wrong way, if at all. I discovered the Grief Recovery Method through a friend and colleague at a vital point in my life. I had hit wall and could not move forward until I had dealt with the emotional impact of the death of my father when I was a young child. Deeply buried trauma impacts us on so many levels, and for me it led to divorce and relationship breakdowns.

After taking the course, my life changed, and I was ready to help others work through their pain too. I trained as a Grief Recovery Specialist and now help people using the Grief Recovery Method Program. This worldwide programme is an effective and reliable tool that has helped hundreds of thousands regain mental and emotional wellbeing.

Having an awareness that there is a problem to be dealt with is the beginning of change. Once you are open to receiving help, you are on the road to recovery and are ready to make positive changes in your life.

The Grief Recovery Method® programme can be followed individually or in a group setting, whatever works best for you.

Your Investment

£297 for Individual Programme

£189 for the Group Programme

The Grief Recovery Method® is run over 7-9 weeks. You will attend 1 meeting per week and work through reading material and written tasks throughout the course. We will be using the Grief Recovery Method Handbook as our text, and following a series of logical, clear, practical steps to help you work through the pain of unresolved grief.


I offer group or individual weekly sessions, depending on your own personal preference.


The group programme is 2 hours per week and takes between 8-9 weeks. Group size 2-6 people. 
The 1:1 programme is 1 hour per week for 7 weeks. 
I offer one additional week free of charge if necessary to finish further Completion Letters.
Further sessions are arranged at £33 per hour. (Maximum of 2)


Please contact me via email or use the Messenger button to arrange a no obligation, complimentary session to find out more.





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