Is your Imagination Important?

Stuck- (1)Have you reached a point in your life where you just feel drained of energy, your imagination has gone rusty, your ability and power to focus, concentrate and get things done has seized up?

For what ever reason (and there are many!!!!), we all hit those metaphorical brick walls mentally, emotionally and spiritually at different times in our lives. Life feels a struggle, everything seems to sap your mojo and you don’t feel able to ask anyone for help because everyone you know seems to be caught up in their own life issues! You just feel ‘frrrpewhrhh’ and you don’t know how to shake yourself out of it!

We all need a little help sometimesMy name is Sandra Owen and over the last few years I have been on my own personal journey that has brought me to a place where I know my purpose is to help you reconnect with your creative ‘inner child’, reignite your imagination and engage your mind and body in creative ways to help unstick, unlock and unblock the things that are holding you back from achieving your true potential. Like Dorothy in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ discover you had the power within you all the time, you’ve just forgotten how to use it! ­čśÇ

When you change the way you look at thingsNo matter what has caused you to lose positive momentum in life, reconnecting with your ‘inner child’ will help you find answers. Creative Art, Thinking and Writing is like pouring healing oil into your mind.

Take time to breath, find peace, get creative and reconnect with your ‘inner child’. Your only┬álimit is your imagination! Are you ready to reignite yours?

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