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Week C16 – Flying the Nest

It’s time to fly the nest

This has been a week of making decisions and knowing when you’re ready to fly the nest! What nest you might be thinking? I think your ‘nest’ is anything that makes you feel comfortable and safe. It doesn’t have to be a tangible sticks and feathers or bricks and mortar nest. It could be a group, a team or a person that makes you feel safe. But every baby bird reaches a point in their development when they just have to fly solo and the only way to prove it is to jump!

NestSo after three years of hands on, daily involvement with the MasterKey Experience course from being a course member in 2013, a Certified Guide in 2014 and a Master Guide in 2015, you could say I had become comfortable. I felt safe in the knowledge that I had a team of amazing people around me, all supporting each other on what has been an epic journey.

But suddenly, almost without warning, I began to feel uncomfortable, burdened even. I guess it was sort of like trying to fly with one wing strapped to my body. I was flapping the one wing as hard as I could but somehow was not getting the momentum needed for lift off. And then I realised I had become reliant. I had become reliant on my new friends from all over the world. I had become comfortable in this wonderful environment of positive, likeminded people. For me emotionally the team of people I had grown to love and respect so much was preventing me from trusting myself to fly solo. I had mentally strapped one wing to my body, always enjoying the comfort of the group. No one did that to me. I did it through my own thoughts and feelings.

There is a time to just spread your wings and FLY!!!!!!How does a baby bird become independent? How does it learn to fly and go on to build a nest of it’s own to nurture it’s own baby birds? It has to jump!!!! It has to step outside of the comfort of the nest and prove to itself and the world that it has what it takes to survive, thrive and feel alive in its own right.

So, I made the decision this week to take a sabbatical from being a Guide for the MasterKey Experience in order to focus 100% of my energy into strengthening my own wings, growing my own business and creating my own nest to nurture the people who need my gifts. The only way to prove I have what it takes to myself and the world is to fly solo.

Crash and burn-Will I crash and burn, or soar like an eagle?!!! What do you think? You may or may not have an opinion, but I know in my heart it is time to take the last leap of faith once and for all and race with destiny. This is my one moment in time to be all that I can be.

This will be my last MasterKey blog post for now and I shall continue blogging my journey from my business blog page. The journey continues…………..

My one sentence DMP:

“I AM a hugely successful creative teacher and mentor, earning £XXX,XXX annually being authentically me, doing what I love and loving what I do.”

Life doesn’t get much better than that! 😀 😀 😀

To all my MasterKey friends, colleagues and mentors. I LOVE YOU ALL. BELIEVE.

Week C15 – Abundance or A Bun Dance!!

Give me a Break?

AbundanceSo you have done everything you can to follow ‘experts’ advice! You plan your work and work your plan. You do your best to be thankful, grateful and appreciative. You give to others in as many ways as you can. You work hard at remembering to spend time in Silence daily and focus on the life you want. So, where is the ‘Abundance’ you were expecting, visualising and hoping for?

You understand the Law of Attraction basis of our Universe, you do what you do in love, but suddenly the ‘Give more Get more’ philosophy of life that the Guru’s talk about, doesn’t seem to be working for you!!!??? You tried so hard yet the overdraft is accumulating, the stress is now becoming very real and instead of feeling abundance life feels more like ‘A Bun Dance!!!’ 🙁

Conformity HighwayIf this has been your experience, as it has mine and probably every other person who has left Conformity Highway and is following the Road Less Travelled, what do you do now? Cry? Scream? Pray? Give up? Fall back in line, conform and go find a job? When you feel you are drowning what is the best thing to do? You’ve given everything and you are spent! Now what?

If you listen to Abraham Hicks as I do, daily, you will no doubt have heard the idea that money is just energy and to receive money you need to align your energy and allow it to flow to you. It’s not about running around like a headless chicken working 24 hours a day! Well that’s great Abraham but my rent is due tomorrow and I haven’t got time to sit on my backside in Silence in the vain hope that the money will drop out of the sky into my lap!

I have learnt so much over the last few years about the way the Universe works, about natural laws and how we as human beings have the ability to control our thoughts, and for a lot of the time I feel my energy has been aligned and things have manifested just when I needed them. But somehow, over the last few months something has begun to slip and all of a sudden you find yourself in a place of fear again. Again, Abraham advises not to talk about what you do not want, to stay focused on what you do want, and I have tried this, but sometimes you just need to talk to someone. I don’t know about you but I find it helps me get my thoughts straight. It allows me to hear the insight and experience of others which I can then apply or dismiss as I feel appropriate for me.

Thought is Energy Love is EnergyI am so blessed to have some amazing family and friends around me who each bring something different, unique and wonderful to my life. Some of them are empathic and listen and understand my frustration. Others tell me, straight as a die, what they think and although their advice is sometimes tough I know they have my best interests at heart. However, at the end of the day, the only person I really need to listen to is my Self.

Not myself, my ego panicky human conscious voice that jabbers away in my head all day long telling me how stupid I’m being, to be afraid, run the tigers are coming to get you!!!! lol I mean my Self!! My inner Self. My acronym for my Self: Source Energy Life Force

So this week I began to refocus and would you believe it……things have begun to manifest positively again. Not in ways I predicted, but definitely in ways that will help me to learn and grow as a person, make me an even better teacher and enable me to connect with my Self on a deeper level. From the beginning of the week and feeling in a pit of financial helplessness, I was able to collect together and park the debt on 0% finance, giving me breathing space! I miraculously ended up with a new car that saved me money! And I made a new friend who coaches people around money manifestation, who is starting a new course on Monday! Perfect timing or what!? No matter how much we think we know, there is always more to learn, new people to learn from and more abundance to be found.

I re-evaluated my worth, looked at the real benefits people experience from working with me and doing my courses and I mentally upgraded myself to First Class. 🙂 The only person holding me back was me! 🙁 I learnt that I didn’t believe in myself enough, and because I didn’t believe in me, the Universe was reflecting back what I was transmitting energetically, which was lack, fear and doubt. I am moving forward again in abundance, confidence and faith, and allow the steady stream of abundance to flow to me, to my bank account, to my relationships, and my life. If you love Abraham, you’ll love this recording I just heard! 🙂 

Week C14 – Do you something of value?

Do you have something of value to offer the world?

Value yourself. Choose your own pathDo you find value in articles on social media, television or in magazines about people who leave the corporate highway to follow their own path? Do you envy their courage, or snigger at their stupidity? Dr do you admire their bravery and feel deep within yourself a twang of envy, wishing you had the courage to do the same? The journey into unchartered territory is scary for everyone, but for those that are brave enough to take that first step life becomes a wonderful adventure.

Stepping out of our life of conformity and into a world of uncertainty takes courage and self belief in our own value. I mean, who in their right mind would walk away from a secure income, even if they aren’t happy, just to go on some personal quest to who knows where? Why would you do that?

The reasons people change direction in life, particularly around midlife, are many fold, but I suspect one reason has to be because they want to feel more fulfilled as a person. We feel more fulfilled when we are using our own natural gifts and talents to help others. When you are doing what you do best you feel a sense of freedom, joy and happiness that working for someone else just can’t bring. Some mentors call it ‘finding your voice.’ Are you ready to find your voice? Are you ready to change your life?

Some will, some won't! Value yourselfFeeling valuable and finding your voice takes courage, imagination and self belief. You have to believe that what you have to offer the world is of value. You have to believe you are important enough and capable enough of making a living on your own, you have to trust your gut feelings and follow the clues that show up daily, weekly, monthly. You have to be able to use your imagination to think ‘outside the box.’

I found my voice in my late 40’s through following the MasterKey Experience Course. I was already self employed and teaching in a prestigious school. I love teaching but I felt I could do more and wanted to incorporate other aspects of me, of my gifts into my life and work.

At first I struggled to know what my purpose was, but gradually the ideas came and a plan was formed. I started writing the ‘Gifted Life Creative Self Discovery Course’ and using the name ‘Gifted Life’ as a business name which seemed to fit well with my intention at the time.

Imagination is a valuable toolTwo years on from finishing the MasterKey Experience I am in a completely different place from where I was. One of my recent clients said to me to other day that I am doing what I set out to do and that my course has made a huge difference to her. In fact every single person who has completed my course has expressed the same feelings in different ways!!!

That brings me such joy and deep satisfaction that I don’t even have the words to express it. It’s just a feeling deep within my heart that I know that I know that I know, that I have something of value to offer the world. I want to move forward now and add more ideas and courses and so natural progression led me to change my business name to ‘Sandra Owen Creative’ which I feel opens up the next door. After spending the last couple of weeks getting my blog site changed and setting up my own online course platform I am ready to push forward on the next leg of my life’s journey. There is no way I could have predicted back in 2013 where I would be today. It has been an amazing journey and one that I will NEVER regret taking. It all begins with a decision to start.


You might like to check out this interesting TED talk by Giovanni Corazza talking about the difficulty of thinking creatively without preparation. To change the way you look at things you need to prepare your mind. Creative Self Discovery is a fun, engaging way to do it. 🙂

Week C13 – Experiencing Silence.

Have you tried to listen to Silence?

thinkWe hear and read everywhere how sitting in silence regularly helps us feel calm, more focused and energised. But how many of us actually take the time to do it? And if you do, how silent is the silence? That may seem a funny question to ask! Let me explain.

A few days ago I was feeling a bit anxious and concerned about something and so I decided the best thing to do was to sit and meditate, to allow my mind to have space and peace from the turmoil of ego thinking. So I duly took myself off to my living room (which used to be the dining room so it is at the back of the house) to sit in silence for a while. The sun was shining through the windows and the room felt very warm, so I opened the patio door to allow some breeze through. I sat comfortably, closed my eyes and relaxed into my silent time…….or so I thought!

I was alone, the house was quiet. Should have been easy to find that much needed silence right? As my own thoughts quietened I became aware of……..

  1. Silencemy neighbour talking quite loudly on his phone outside in his garden
  2. the refuge collection lorry making its way up my road emptying the bins
  3. a helicopter flying overhead
  4. the screams and shouts of the children in the school playground opposite my house
  5. the distant sound of traffic on the main road floating through the air
  6. the birds twittering in the trees in my garden
  7. a dog barking somewhere in the neighbourhood
  8. pipes in my central heating system contracting as they cooled
  9. the hum of my fridge/freezer
  10. the shelves in the oven rattling from the vibration of the fridge/freezer
  11. bees buzzing in the garden

SilenceArggghhhh!!! OMG! I sat for about 15-20 minutes and not once during that time was there silence in my world without or my world within! It was like a Piccadilly Circus of noise! But just sitting still did help me to feel more relaxed and calmer so that was a plus. We live in a world of noise, colour, tastes, smells and texture. Our amazing bodies are designed to interpret these through our physical senses and it is phenomenal how much information we absorb every second of every day and we aren’t even aware of it a lot of the time. The MasterKey Experience course helped me understand so much about myself and I can step back and observe what is going on around me so much easier now, and smile. All is well. Life is fun, and noise is life!

How silent is your silence? Leave me a comment if you want and let me know. 🙂

If you want to become the observer of yourself and need time to focus your mind then take a look at what the MasterKey Experience could do for you. Register now for information on the 2016 session starting late September, and receive the ‘7 Day Mental Diet’ too to challenge your mind. It is truly life changing!

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MK Week C12 – Communication Breakdown

Have you experienced Communication Breakdown?

I'm rightWhat exactly is Communication Breakdown? My interpretation would be that two or more people have failed to communicate their message, opinion, situation or feelings to each other, and reach a happy solution over any disagreement. As we all know, communication breakdown can lead to anything from minor arguments between friends, to divorce between couples and even war between countries.

But why does communication breakdown happen? Why don’t we understand each other? Why do people fail to reach mutually beneficial understanding and respect for one another?

Listen firstI am reading ‘The 8th Habit’ by Stephen R Covey at the moment and the insight and experience he shares in his books are brilliant. If everyone implemented the strategies he suggests re communication there would be far less problems in our lives and in the world. But, hey, that’s just my opinion! lol. To sum up quickly one of the points Mr Covey makes is to use a ‘Talking Stick’ or something similar. The object is to listen and respect the person holding the ‘Talking Stick’ as they express their feelings and thoughts. No one else is allowed to speak except to reflect back what they understand of the other persons perspective.  When the person holding the stick feels understood he/she passes the stick to the next person and the roles reverse.

Communication BreakdownWe all react to situations based on our own perspective of life. We may believe our opinion is the correct one because it makes sense to us from our own perspective, and we can become so emotionally invested in our own opinion that we believe the other person must be mistaken, blind to the obvious or even just stupid. One of the many things we learned through the MasterKey Experience was to step back and become an observer of life. To look at the circumstances, people and interactions going on around us and just watch, with no opinion.

It is easier said than done! Have you ever noticed how quickly your mind makes judgements about other people? We want to be heard, understood and feel valued but often fail to give the same consideration to others. So what can you do to help yourself, to open your mind to different ideas and perspectives?

Through the MasterKey Experience course you will learn to create new focus. You’ll have a personal mentor to help you stay on track and simple tasks that establish new thought patterns that can help you turn things around. Register for information about the 2016-17 class below and you’ll receive notification of the launch videos in early September. It was the best decision I ever made, and I’ve not looked back. Will you be one of the 3000 joining the 2016 session?

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Mk week C11 – Make a Plan and Start Now

Do you have plan? When will you begin?

make a PlanWe see and read all over the place the importance of making a plan, or acting ‘Now’. About living in the present moment and not putting off your dreams until you have achieved the right grades, the promotion, etc. Maybe you have a plan or goal for your life, or you may be you’re struggling to define what your life purpose is! Are you still waiting for that ‘Aha’ moment when everything will fall into place, the full picture becomes clear and you can set off?

My experience has been that it’s not until I step out the next step opens up. If we wait for the whole plan to reveal itself before we set off we will be waiting forever. The longest journey begins with the first step. Then it is a question of just placing one foot in front of the other and not looking back. Keeping one eye on the horizon (your intended destination or goal) and the other on the path right in front of you. If we think too hard about all the possible things that might go wrong, we will scare ourselves into submission and do nothing.

HeroStepping up, stepping out and believing in yourself enough to start is the mark of a Hero. We all have dreams, desires and goals, even if we are not fully aware of what they are right now. Have you stopped believing you could have anything more? The MasterKey Experience is all about the Hero’s Journey; it’s about ordinary men and women just like you and me, who were willing to step up, step out of their comfort zones and do something to change the trajectory of their lives.

Words course completer’s have used to describe their experience include ‘Life Changing’, ‘Eye Opening’, ‘Liberating’, ‘Phenomenal’, ‘Inspirational’, ‘Astonishing’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Awesome’ ‘Mind-Blowing’, ‘Empowering’, ‘Nurturing’, ‘Revelational’, ‘Transforming’!!!!

Too good to be true? Not real people? Sceptical? Curious? Ready to discover the Hero within?

The only way to find out what it’s all about is to watch the launch videos for the 2016-17 session which starts late September. Then make a simple decision, ‘Yes, No or Maybe.’ The Yes’s will jump straight in and the No’s will walk away. But if you are a Maybe, then you can register for $1 and try it out for a few weeks first. So you’ve nothing to lose and possibly EVERYTHING to gain. Make a plan today to check out the MasterKey Experience Course and begin Now by registering below to receive the information as soon as it is available. He who dares wins!


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MK Week C10 – Fear of the Unknown!

What you know verses Fear of the Unknown!

fear is a funny thingHow often do you do the things you know and avoid the things you don’t know out of fear? We may not admit it to ourselves, let alone anyone else, but fear of looking stupid in front of others, or embarrassing ourselves at work, in a group, on social media or anywhere prevents a lot of people from stepping up and doing something they would like to do.

Why and where do these fears come from? Who taught you to be afraid of failing? Where did you acquire this sense of embarrassment at getting things wrong? What makes you fear what others might think and say anyway?

what you know verses fear of the unknownA baby isn’t born with these fears, and young children are much more adventurous and willing to give things a go even if they don’t know how to do it than many adults. So somewhere between infancy and our teenage years, and sadly often earlier than this, we learn to fear things. We develop a sense of who we are through the interaction and reaction of other people.

If the reaction of other people makes you feel afraid to try something, or not good enough in some way, you are allowing others to control you. You absorb their feelings and believe they are true of yourself too, and maybe you’re even passing on your fears to your children in a bid to protect them from embarrassment too. It becomes a vicious cycle and somewhere, somehow, if you want to change your life you have to overcome what others think and decide for yourself that you are going to do something regardless of what may or may not go wrong. To allow yourself to be true to you, stand up and be counted as they say. How do you do that when your brain is screaming at you from the inside…..Nooooo, you can’t do that!!!!!! You’ll fall!!! You’ll fail and look stupid!!!!!! Who do you think you are????!!!!

You may say that you cannot “let go” of theses things, but you can; you can do so by mentally determining to do so, by voluntary intention and persistence.’ (Haanel 4:31)

habitsBefore I took the MasterKey Experience Course I feared so many things it was a wonder I even got out of bed in the morning sometimes! If putting yourself down were a champion sport I am sure I would have be in with a chance of a gold medal!! 🙁 So what changed? Did I really overcome my fears, my inhibitions, my lack of confidence and self belief? Was a 6 month course really all it took?

The answer to these questions has to be Yes and No. I can say with hand on heart that the MasterKey Experience Course came along at the right time for me. I was already on the path to discovering who I am. I was hungry, I wanted to know who I would ‘be when I grow up’ lol, and I knew deep inside my heart that it was the right thing to do. I had no idea what it involved I just knew that I knew that I knew, that if I didn’t take this course I would regret it soooo much. How I knew that I don’t know. I just felt it. Is procrastinating your major sport? Are you afraid of what others think about you, afraid you are not good enough to be more than you are? Then I want to speak directly to you now.

“You can be whoever you want to be, and the very best place I have found to start the wheels turning in the right direction is the MasterKey Experience Course. Yes it’s 6 months of work; at times hard, at times challenging, at times emotional, at times frustrating, at times more eye opening that anything I’ve ever done. Are you ready to turn your back on the naysayers, give up those false fears and doubts you’ve believed for so long to be true, and get to know the real you? Then join the thousands just like you from all over the world who are taking a look for themselves, and make up your own mind. If you don’t find out, you can’t make a proper decision.”

Click here to join the list to receive the next MasterKey Course launch info later this summer.

Believe you can and you’re right, believe you can’t and you’re right! What you believe is a choice!

MK Week C9 – Believe you can fly!

Be There or Be Square. Believe.

Be there or be squareWe’ve all heard the phrase ‘Be there or be square’, meaning ‘One should attend an event or one will be considered an outsider’, usually referring to a party or event. No one likes feeling they don’t belong, an outcast or a Billy No-mates! But why do we allow the words or others to affect out thinking so much? After all, it is only someone else’s opinion that a particular event is going to be hugely popular and anyone who doesn’t attend must somehow be missing out somehow. Conforming to other people’s opinions is something we learn to do growing up.

Parents and teachers tell us to behave in certain ways to either be socially acceptable or because it pleases them for us to do what they say. Our friends or peer group may put pressure on us to do things to themselves feel better. But sooner or later there comes a day in your life when you realise doing what others want and expect is not longer fulfilling or satisfying. You look around you, take stock of your life to date and ask ‘What if?’

Will you be there?What if I had made different choices in life? What if I had said ‘No’ when that boy asked me to marry him? What if I had stayed at university instead of dropping out after 6 months? What if I’d taken the bus instead of the train that day and met someone on the bus who might have changed the whole course of my life?

Around 50 years of age is the time in many people’s lives when they begin to question the choices they’ve made during their life, whether they are truly happy and what the future holds now the children are grown up, or the divorce absolute has arrived, or a redundancy is looming!

The MasterKey Experience Course has been a defining moment in the lives of hundreds of people from all walks of life. More and more people are testifying to the life changing experiences they’ve had as they began to break out of the conformity mould and think for themselves. The course is relatively still in it’s infancy, but growing rapidly into what I can only describe as one of the most life changing courses the world has ever seen. Why? Because it doesn’t influence what you think, but allows you to figure out your most deepest desires for yourself. After 30 years or so of being someone’s wife. someone’s mother, someone’s daughter, someone’s sister and someone else’s gopher, it is the most liberating feeling in the world!!!!

So even though I can say from personal experience ‘Be there or be Square!’ I don’t want you to take my word for it because that is still conforming! 🙂 Do you believe you can fly? Will you be there? Register for the next launch information and find out what it’s all about so you can make up your own mind. Yes or No, it’s up to you. Just let it be ‘your’ decision. Believe you can fly.

Click here to join the growing number of people who are taking a look for themselves.

Is it tough? Yes. Is it hard work? Yes. Is it challenging? Yes. Is it worth it? Hell Yes 🙂

Mk Week C8 – Who’s your Avatar?

Who’s avatar are you talking to?

Who's you're avatar?Who’s your avatar? What type of clients are you talking to? The only place to start when looking at your ideal client is yourself. If you can figure out why you do something, then it’s easier to understand others who may be feeling the same way. Funnily enough I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago on the importance of pointing the finger at yourself rather than other people when trying to solve problems (Click here to read it). Regardless of whether you have personal or business issues, the best place to start searching for answers is within yourself.

‘As the eye seeks and receives satisfaction from colors complementary to those which are given, so does need, want and desire, in the largest sense, induce, guide and determine action. (Haanel 11:7)

Who are you?We are our own ideal client. I mean who wouldn’t want a customer data base overflowing with people just like us! How easy would that make our work!? When we understand our own wants and needs we are more able to understand those of our target audience, or avatar. So why did I start this journey of personal development and enrol on the MasterKey Experience course? Well, I am a divorced (single) woman with three adult children (mother) approaching the midway point in my life (50yrs) and I was no longer satisfied with my life (dissatisfied). In my heart I felt there had to be more, (longing) and the thought of going through the same routine day after day for the next 10-20 years created a soul destroying, miserable feeling in my heart (unhappy, lonely, lost). I had skills, abilities and experience which at the time I felt locked me into a particular career path (stuck, trapped). I had lost confidence in myself, in my ability to be more than I was (self doubt, unconfident), and I couldn’t see beyond the confines on my comfort zone (limited imagination). I enjoyed reading personal development books but always seemed to slip back into old routines with more questions that I started with (searching, frustrated).

And there we have my avatar! My ideal client! Do any of these feelings resonate with you? Phew!….. hello my friend, I’m so happy to meet you. Now let me show you how I can help…….

‘In order to grow we I must obtain what is necessary for our my growth. This is brought about through the law of attraction. This principle is the sole means by which the individual is I am differentiated from the Universal.’ (Haanel 18:Intro)

listen to your heartSomewhere deep within, is the quiet whispering of your heart. That still small voice that can be heard when you are either totally Silent, or your conscious mind is completely absorbed in something else such a creative art. I felt that whispering like a persistent but gentle knowing that taking the Hero’s Journey through the MasterKey Experience would somehow change my life. I didn’t understand at the beginning that it wasn’t the MasterKey that changed my life. It was me. I changed my life because I discovered satisfaction, freedom to be me and tapped into the unlimited potential that was always and will always be my own creative, amazing, golden spirit. 

If I can do it, so can you! Find out for yourself and make your own decision, but most of all, listen to the whispering of your own heart. Click Here to join the growing number of people just like you searching for freedom to be themselves. The MasterKey Experience is a very personal journey, but with helpers and mentors metaphorically by your side you can change your life too. Click Here to register now. I see you shining brightly, alive and free. We are one.  🙂

MK Week C7 – How to be a Super Hero!

Kindness is Key

HerosKindness to others is something most human beings would agree is important and key to a happy life. But how often are you kind to yourself? In other words, do you play the victim or the Super Hero in your own life? Often the words ‘Super Hero’ conger up mental images of Superman, Batman, Spiderman or even Banana man! We could take the cynical view that this ‘Super Hero’ malarky is a load of old tosh, and choose to continue being a martyr and play the victim of circumstance or environment. But sometimes things can totally shake our life, and suddenly we can feel all adrift in a turbulent ocean. What you gonna do? Who do ya gonna call?…….. 🙂 ……. Life Busters!!! lol

‘The law of attraction will certainly and unerringly bring to you the conditions, environment, and experiences in life, corresponding with your habitual, characteristic, predominant mental attitude. Not what you think once in a while when you are in church, or have just read a good book, BUT your predominant mental attitude is what counts.’ (Haanel 8:18)

KindnessWhen life causes us to question who we are, it is so much easier to play the victim than to take 100% responsibility for ourselves. But the role of the victim or the Super Hero are choices. Both require effort, but one leads to more misery and the other to freedom. Do you choose out of habit because that’s the way you’ve always done things? Maybe there’s another way!! Which are you prepared to emotionally fight for? All movies have a victim and a villain, and the billions of dollars spent on the movie industry confirms that most of us enjoy vicariously willing the victim to succeed and be a winner in their own life. Why? Because on a deep emotional level we feel there is a hero in us too, just waiting to be discovered. But how?

The MasterKey Experience Course helps explode old cynical views out of the water, scale the craggy rocks of your mind, emotions and intellect. It exposes the hidden crevices and dusty corners of your heart and mind to kindness and observing yourself to reveal the ‘Super Hero’ in you. No cape or funny underwear needed!  🙂  If being in your ‘own life’ movie sounds like fun, then jump on the list below to receive information about the next MasterKey Course starting late Sept. View the launch info and make an informed decision for yourself. Are  you ready to rescue ‘You’ from the clutches of the dragon and skydive into your own Heroes Journey?

‘In moments of powerful beauty, emotions move that can melt even the thickest and most cynical of skins. Endorphins flow. There is a release of tension. Energies, internal and external, flow and connect. The experience is not only soft and calm, but it also contains the power and creativity of nature and the Universe. To create and to work consciously with these moments of connection is spiritual intelligence. What do I mean by spiritual? I simply mean that whole reality and dimension which is bigger, more creative, more loving, more powerful, more visionary, more wise, more mysterious – than materialistic daily human existence. 

There is no theology or belief system that relates to this meaning of spiritual.’ (William Bloom – – Quote from The 8th Habit by Stephen R. Covey)

If you’re ready to change your life, then Click Here and register for the 2016-17 MasterKey Class information today.