Woodwind Lessons

Why learn a musical instrument?

Learning a musical instrument reaches

Playing a musical instrument strengthens the band of nerve fibres that connect the left and right brain hemispheres called the Corpus Callosum. This helps us to think quicker and more creatively. It helps with problem solving and also gives humans a way of expressing emotions when words aren’t enough.

Children who learn an instrument from a young age are generally shown to achieve better overall grades in school, and it opens up the door to social connections as we get together with other musicians and play music together. It’s fun and challenging too.

Have you always wanted to learn the Clarinet? Saxophone? Flute? Piano?

Do you struggle to understand the Grade 5 Music Theory to pass the required exam so you can continue taking higher instrumental Grades?

I have over 20 years teaching experience as a woodwind tutor in both Private and LEA education. I have witnessed first hand the joy and pleasure playing an instrument brings to both children and adults. I love teaching the Grade 5 Theory to classes and individuals. I guarantee, with my creative method of teaching, you will know your key signatures in minutes!! This knowledge and understanding is the foundation stone for everything else in music theory.

If you live in the Shropshire area and would like to learn a woodwind instrument, or need help with passing the Grade 5 Theory exam then contact me today. info@sandraowencreative.com

You can also find me at www.firsttutors.com

When a musician is reading and playing their musical instrument their brain is firing in so many ways. There is nothing else quite like it.