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Leave your Pain and Live your Passion

Find peace, clarity and purpose after loss, divorce and heartache.

Crisis often triggers a need for change but where do you go when you’re stuck and unable to see a way out? 

The ‘Consciously Create Your Life' Programs are the perfect solution.


Engaging the whole brain to promote Self Awareness and Self Belief essential for transformation. 

Program Benefits

1. Reduce Stress

Creative Art is the magic ingredient that make my Self Discovery programs fun, innovative and unique. Doing creative art lowers high stress Beta brain waves to a calm Alpha state. When your mind and body are relaxed you learn better and are more able to see solutions. The recycling aspect is a powerful, inspiring way to experience for yourself how things you previously thought were rubbish can be transformed into beautiful treasures. They prepare your brain to see your own potential and the possibilities that are all around you. Each project is a visual trigger that creates an holistic learning approach.

2. Increase Calm

We learn through personal experience, novelty and fun. Feel good hormones released in the brain through creativity, mindfulness and self development ensure long term memory and change. One-to-one and/or group support ensure you stay on track, meeting the need for contribution and accountability and keep you moving forward. We all need certainty, variety, significance and connection in order to thrive. Through innovative learning and self reflection my programs create variety and interest, ensuring you get the most out of your personal journey.

3. Refocus Energy

Everything is energy and we attract to us through the energy vibration of our own thoughts, feelings and belief patterns. Quantum physics is proving how spirituality and science work together to create our life experience. As human beings we possess the most powerful tool on the planet ....... Imagination. What you think and feel is unique to you and you have the ability to shape and direct your thoughts towards anything you desire. As you feel you're already living that life, through the proper use of your imagination, you will attract to you the things to help you succeed. Sadly too many have forgotten how powerful they really are and live life by default. As children we all have amazing imaginations, until it is trained out of us. Dare to dream again, imagine and open your mind to possibility.

4. Create Clarity

Journalling, Reflection and Creative Thinking bring clarity to who you are, what you want and your life purpose. You can't change anything unless you first know it exists. We all have blind spots and need the help of others to us navigate our path. Awareness creates choice and choice creates change. The support and accountability of a coach and/or group ensures you stay focused and take the action steps necessary for positive change. There is only one you, so why not be the best version of yourself possible.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Release Emotional Pain

The emotional pain following loss, divorce and heartache can make us feel paralysed mentally as well as physically if we stay focused on it. We can lose sight of who we really are without understanding why. Have you experienced the slow, or maybe sudden, realisation that you've lost you along the way somewhere?

Imagine for a moment that when you were born you were given an 'Emotional Energy Bag' to carry with you everywhere you go. Each time you experience an emotional upset in life you have to put a brick, to represent the feeling, in your bag.  Over the years your bag gets heavier and heavier until it's almost backbreaking to carry! You don't get told that you can actually put the bag down, take the bricks out and free yourself from a lifetime of pain. So you just keep going, dragging your bag with you everywhere you go, feeling more and more uncomfortable, angry, ashamed, lonely and hurt.

Crisis often indicates you're at a crossroads. It's time to rethink, reimagine and refocus. If you continue to do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got. We live in an attraction based Universe so it cannot be any other way. You can make the decision to change and take the action steps necessary to ensure success!

It is possible to release yourself to move forward mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically in a healthier way. Are you ready to let go?

1:1 And Group Programs 

We all begin our Self Discovery journey at different times for different reasons. Often referred to as 'The Hero's Journey,' it begins with a 'Call to Action.' This may come in the form of a whisper or gentle squeeze in your heart, or it may come as a result of a major life crisis. Either way, you know you've reached a fork in the road. Which direction will you take? The known, familiar well trodden path of the past, or the unknown, unfamiliar, yet to be discovered, path to your future? 

It takes courage, determination, creative thinking and support to make real and lasting change in our life. Some enjoy the accountability and camaraderie within a group of like minded people while others prefer to work on their own and receive one-to-one coaching. There is no one way fits all. Your journey is as unique as you are.

The 'Consciously Create Your Life' Programs cater for both through online training and creative demonstration videos that enable you to work at your own pace and in person through one-to-one and group coaching sessions. I invite you to book a Complimentary Connection Call with me to discuss what you're looking for and explore if my programs are right for you. To make an informed decision, communication is key. Let's talk.



I have been very fortunate to have been personally mentored by Sandra Owen. I found Sandra to be warm, empathetic, and compassionate.  As I applied my new skills she was beside me every step of the way as a patient observer and a skilful mentor.  She intuitively knew when to let me find my own answers and when to use the moment as a teaching opportunity. 

Sandra is heart centred and is truly interested in helping others ignite their imagination. To help them reconnect with their inner child.  If someone is feeling stuck and unable to move forward in their life Sandra has the ability to help individuals rediscover their hidden talents and potential.

Tammy Adams (Canada)

 Intuitive Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist


I had the privilege of enjoying the personal coaching of Sandra Owen for over six months and she is the most amazing asset in mentoring. Her gentle touch and understanding nature coupled with a sincere desire to help and be of service can propel You towards Your goals and aims as she did for me. I would not be where I am today without her support!

Claes Wallenberg (Sweden)

MasterKey Guide and Off the Grid Hiker


Sandra is a great listener and an attentive observer and very patient. What I appreciated most was that she asked the right questions at the right moment and accompanied my inner process without interfering. She encouraged me to be persistent in my exercises and to look over them again and again until the result was resonating with and in ME.

I’m so grateful for all her sharing of knowledge, experiences, skills and most important her dedication and love.

Anne Denis (France)

Linguist Tutor and Network Marketing

Nothing will change until you do

It's so easy to procrastinate out of fear, do nothing and feel frustration rise as you watch others progressing isn't it! I know because I've been there too! I was afraid to step up and be the person I wanted to be so I did nothing. Yet doing nothing is still a choice. It's the choice to wait, watch and slowly wither in confidence, vision and self belief. The only time you have is now. If you've read this far down my page and are still procrastinating then make a decision.

Are you ready to do what it takes, open your mind and do the work to change the trajectory of your future? I invite you to book a Complimentary Connection Call with me and let's have a chat.

"Never judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree." (Einstein)

Your skills, experience and talents are unique to you. Never compare yourself to anyone else. There is only one you. Are you ready to be the best version of you there is? Ready to rediscover your passions, release limiting beliefs, recognise your strengths and re-imagine yourself? Still waiting for permission to be your best self? Then here it is. I give you permission. Do with it what you will. 


Sandra Owen

I am a Life Transformation Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and qualified Woodwind Tutor. I have a BA (hons) and the CT ABRSM (Certificate of Teaching) in Music and over 25 years teaching experience. I have mentored people from all over the world as a Master Guide for the MasterKey Experience. 

My own Self Discovery journey began around 2012 after I found myself facing life alone as a single parent following divorce and heartache. I was lost, lacking self belief and had no idea what to do to help myself move forward.

Eventually life led me to the world of quantum physics and grief recovery. As I reconnected with my passions, let go of unresolved grief and stepped up to meet my true self, I walked into a new life of creativity, emotional healing and self development. I made a momentous decision to leave my instrumental teaching career at a prestigious private school in 2014 to follow my dreams, and six years on I am still thriving, loving life and learning daily.

I recognised the seeds had all been planted throughout my life and it was now up to me to nurture them into full bloom. What you see here through my website and programs is the fruit of many years of time, money and effort invested in myself to enable me to live my best life, share my gifts with the world and help others who find themselves in the pit of quiet desperation. Please connect with me and let's discuss what you are looking for and whether what I can offer is a fit for you.