Sandra Owen

Living with Passion on Purpose

Crisis often triggers a need for change but where do you go when you’re stuck and unable to see a way out? 

Sandra Owen Creative

Sandra Owen Creative is about preparing your brain to see things differently. Opening your mind to your own potential by changing the way you look at yourself, your life and the world around you. 

Sandra Owen Coaching

Sandra Owen Coaching is for those who are ready for their next level of transformation. I work with you 1:1 and in small groups to release limiting blocks and achieve your dreams. 

Why Choose to Work with Me?

1. Reduce Stress

What makes me unique is my creative ability to make learning fun. It is the magic ingredient that makes my Self Discovery programs engaging, innovative and unique. Creative art lowers high stress Beta brain waves to a calm Alpha state. Creative thinking opens your mind and prepares your brain to see new ideas and possibilities.

When you reduce your stress levels you're more able to find solutions to problems. The optional recycling projects also become visual triggers that aid holistic learning and long term memory.

2. Increase Calm

We learn by doing and personal experience that is fun is essential to learning effectively and overall wellbeing. Feel good hormones are released in the brain supporting long term transformation.

One-to-one and/or group support ensures you stay on track and meeting our first two human needs for certainty and variety. My programs evoke innovative learning and self reflection, ensuring you get the most out of your personal development journey. 

3. Refocus Energy

Quantum physics is proving how spirituality and science work together. We literally create our own life experience through our energy. What you think and feel really matters. 

Human imagination is the most powerful tool on the planet. What you think and feel is unique to you and you have the ability to shape and direct your thoughts towards anything you desire. We are more powerful that we have previously be led to believe. 

4. Create Clarity

You can't change anything unless you first know it exists. We all have blind spots and need the help of others to us navigate our path. Awareness creates choice and choice creates change.

The support and accountability of a coach ensures you stay focused and take the action steps necessary for positive change. There is only one you, so why not be the best you you can be. I'll help you release emotional blocks, open your mind to your potential and create a fulfilling and abundant life after loss.

When a person has access to both the intuitive, creative and visual right brain, and the analytical, logical, verbal left brain, then the whole brain is working...And this tool is best suited to the reality of what life is, because life is not just logical-it is also emotional.” - Stephen Covey

Who am I here to serve?

Every coach should know their ideal client.

No one can be all things to all people.  

My clients:

Are ready and willing to let go of painful emotional blocks

Understand Self Knowledge is Self Empowerment

Take 100% responsibility for their transformation

Want to make a difference in the world

Meet Dawn and David

Transformation starts from Within

Emotional pain makes you feel paralysed emotionally, mentally and physically causing you to lose sight of who you really are without understanding why. Crisis indicates you're at a crossroads. Like labour pains precede birth, so emotional pain precedes life transformation. 

Each time you experience upset in life it's like putting brick in your bag. Eventually the bag gets too heavy to carry. You're dragging the bag everywhere you go, feeling more and more uncomfortable, angry, ashamed, lonely and frustrated. You know something is wrong but you don't know what! No one has ever helped you to free yourself from the bag of pain. I can help you with this and so much more. Are you ready to do what ever it takes to change your life?


I have been very fortunate to have been personally mentored by Sandra Owen. I found Sandra to be warm, empathetic, and compassionate.  As I applied my new skills she was beside me every step of the way as a patient observer and a skilful mentor.  She intuitively knew when to let me find my own answers and when to use the moment as a teaching opportunity. 

Sandra is heart centred and is truly interested in helping others ignite their imagination. To help them reconnect with their inner child.  If someone is feeling stuck and unable to move forward in their life Sandra has the ability to help individuals rediscover their hidden talents and potential.

Tammy Adams (Canada)

 Intuitive Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist

I had the privilege of enjoying the personal coaching of Sandra Owen for over six months and she is the most amazing asset in mentoring. Her gentle touch and understanding nature coupled with a sincere desire to help and be of service can propel You towards Your goals and aims as she did for me. I would not be where I am today without her support!

Claes Wallenberg (Sweden)

MasterKey Guide and Off the Grid Hiker

Sandra is a great listener and an attentive observer and very patient. What I appreciated most was that she asked the right questions at the right moment and accompanied my inner process without interfering. She encouraged me to be persistent in my exercises and to look over them again and again until the result was resonating with and in ME.

I’m so grateful for all her sharing of knowledge, experiences, skills and most important her dedication and love.

Anne Denis (France)

Linguist Tutor and Network Marketing


Sandra Owen

I am a Life Transformation Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and qualified Woodwind Tutor. I have a BA (hons) and the CT ABRSM (Certificate of Teaching) in Music and over 25 years teaching experience. I have mentored people from all over the world as a Master Guide for the MasterKey Experience.  Read More