Case Studies

Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Change

Phyl Edmonds

A journey of determination, inspiration and hope

From the tragedy and devastation of personal loss, Phyl's love, determination and tenacity turned her experiences into a positive force for good. She has become a role model for many as a Senior Trainer for Grief Recovery UK. She is a leading figure for health and wellbeing within the country of Shropshire and beyond.

Sam Warner

A journey of


courage and Triumph 

Conformity in school and corporate life had boxed Sam into a corner creatively. She'd forgotten how to give herself permission to be herself. Sam is an outstanding mentor in the field of public speaking and a communications expert for adults with autism. Sam is a multiple Gold award speaker and Senior Leader for Toastmasters in Shropshire.

Tammy Adams

A journey of Confidence, Co-creation and friendship

Tammy was already a successful coach based in Canada when our paths crossed in 2015. Like any professional practitioner she is always developing and growing her own skills and understanding. Whether you believe in happy coincidences or divine synchronity, I will be forever grateful that we met.