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Beyond Words

Emotional pain is a feeling deep within us that we often try to bury. Why? Have memories of being told ‘He/She just needs a few minutes alone’ embedded the belief that expressing negative emotion in public was not done in polite society? As discussed in […]

How can grief be fun?

Last weekend I attended the third Grief Recovery UK Conference in Newport Pagnell. What?? Why?? That sounds really depressing!! Why would anyone want to spend a whole weekend focusing on grief??!!! 🙂 For more years than I care to remember grief, death, loss and bereavement […]

Time does not heal

When we’re upset and in emotional pain due to a loss event in our life, well-meaning friends, family or work colleagues may say things like, “Give it time.” “Time is a great healer.” ” Time changes everything.” These sort of statements, although well intended, actually […]

Why Grief Recovery?

Absolutely everyone has experienced loss in their life. Some of the more tangible losses are death, divorce, relationship breakdown, moving house, redundancy, loss of finances and addiction. Plus there are a host of intangible losses such as loss of childhood, loss of safety, loss of […]


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