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Life events that evoke heartache can leave you feeling stuck, angry, fearful and alone. Many feel they've lost who they really are and have no idea how or where to start rebuilding their lives.

I want to tell you there is a way through the darkness. You can find new meaning and purpose in life no matter what your life experience has been.

I have witnessed over and over the life changing effects my unique programs have had on people's lives. When I was in that place of quiet desperation my program would have been the perfect solution. I had to go through my own pain in order to be able to understand, create and then teach you. You can't teach what you don't know!

No previous experience is necessary. If you're willing to learn, let go of preconceived ideas and do the work then I'm here to serve you.

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Emotional Mastery

As physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings, all four aspects need to be in balance in order to create overall well-being. Our emotions are often overlooked when it comes to improving our health, and yet they are fundamental to creating the life we want. Understanding our emotions is vital.

I help you gently release any emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck. 

Millions of people around the world are beginning to recognise and understand we are energy and how we think and feel is hugely powerful. Your beliefs about yourself are literally creating your life. Having a coach or mentor to help you navigate your own blindspots is crucial to success.

I will guide and support you in taking the action steps necessary for change. The real you is waiting to be discovered.

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You are creating your own life all the time. It's easy to lose sight of this fact when you're in pain. We look outward and believe if 'that thing' hadn't happened we would be happy. 

My approach to coaching is to make things as enjoyable as possible while also getting to the heart of the issue. We all learn best through personal experience and fun. 

My unique combination of self development, creativity and emotional healing is life transforming. Turning household rubbish into amazing projects that aid learning, are also metaphors for your own transformation. Understand so much more and find a level of peace and calm that will transfer into all areas of your life.

No matter how rubbish you might feel now, trust me you have huge potential, power and value.

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Hello, My Name is 

Sandra Owen

My Self Discovery journey began around 2012. Following two divorces and a relationship breakdown I found myself facing life alone again as a single mother to my three children. My work as a visiting peripatetic woodwind tutor in a private school was no longer fulfilling me in the way that it once did. I felt lost, alone, miserable and had no idea what to do.

I started making and selling my own crafts in 2010, but quickly realised that I lost the enjoyment of crafting when I had to create a production line of items because I had an event coming up. This wasn't what I wanted! I tried Network Marketing, but it became quickly apparent that I was absolutely useless at this type of business, but my determination to transform my life drove me to do as many trainings as possible. I was like a woman on a mission, I understood what was required. But...........I simply couldn't do it. However, all was not lost! Life's path leads us through many twists and turns, yet when I look back I was always right where I needed to be.

Now I found myself in the world of Self Development and Quantum Physics! OMG....I was hooked! Never before had anything made so much sense, took so much effort and been so much fun. In 2013 I was recognised as one of the top 3 achievers for an intensive 6-month Self Discovery Course. I joined the training to be a Guide and then Master Guide for the course and I mentored people from all over the world for two years which was an amazing opportunity.

By this time I had walked away from my school teaching position and started work on my own business idea, to create my own programs combing my gift of crafting, my passion for self development and 25 years teaching experience!

My clients absolutely loved my program and everything was going really well until it wasn't! I began to feel unsettled and was still lacking the confidence to really step up and make myself visible. It was here that I knew I needed to release my emotional turmoil from the past that was affecting my inner beliefs about myself.

This was my next biggest turning point, recognising how unresolved grief had been keeping me stuck. I recognised how the death of my father when I was 7 years old had impacted my self belief. All the puzzle pieces suddenly slotted into place. Releasing emotional pain was crucial in order for me to continue and I recognised this was also the missing piece for my own coaching and mentoring business. 

I trained as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist® in 2017 and completed the Advanced training in January 2019 so I could take my business to the next level. I continue to invest in myself through different coaches and mentors to help me be the best version of me both personally and professionally. 

I've been where you are. I know the pain of loneliness, heartache, emotional and mental grief. Self Discovery never ends, there is always more to learn. Investing in myself has been the single greatest gift I could ever have given to myself. I know my purpose is to help you do the same through sharing my gifts, experience, knowledge and skills with you. I can't wait to witness your transformation. 

What others had to say......

This is by far the best ever program. I have enjoyed every moment. Sandra is such an inspiration and I would recommend it to everyone. Worth every penny

Pauline P.

This program has been a godsend. It has reignited my creative spark but more importantly allowed me time and guidance to adjust my thinking processes to realise a better, more positive future. Sandra has a very gentle but persistent way of teasing out troubles and finding solutions without you even realising it is happening .

Sian M.

Excellent program. Fun throughout, thought provoking and life changing! Sandra is an excellent teacher and mentor. Thank you Sandra xx

Lesley E.

Sandra is an amazingly kind, patient, empathetic and savvy lady who with her natural gifted skill of guiding and helping others, has always helped me to feel comfortable in being honest and encouraged to be courageous in living and loving life.

Cheryl A.