Self Discovery Course

Creative Self Discovery

‘The brain can only see what it has been prepared to see. So unless we prepare the brain by creating possibility, we are unable to see new patterns and ideas.’ (Edward de Bono)

We all experience times in our life when we can feel stuck for a variety of reasons.
To refocus your thoughts you need to do something different. You don’t know what you don’t know, so focusing on the problem will not help.
Opening your mind to possibility and reigniting your creative imagination will help.
Solutions are easier to see when your mind and body are engaged in creative activities.

In this 7 week course you will gain self-confidence, self-belief and a deeper awareness of yourself.

Each week focuses on a specific topic inspired by the ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ by Deepak Chopra.
Hands-on practical workshops and open discussion combine perfectly to open your mind to possibility.
Each creative project is a visual trigger for the topics covered as well as being a metaphor for your own transformation.

Creative art relaxes your mind and body allowing you to pay attention to deeper feelings and find new solutions.

No previous experience is necessary.
Learning something new, connecting with others, mindfulness, giving and physical activity are the 5 ways recommended by mental health professionals for emotional, mental and physical well-being. This course incorporates them all in an innovative, hands-on, inspiring way
What previous clients had to say about this course
‘Excellent Course!’  
‘A Spa for your brain!’  
‘Worth every penny!’  
‘It was like installing a load of new software. It’s fantastic!’  
‘Very inspirational.’
‘When you think you don’t have time, is exactly when you need this the most!’  
‘ A Godsend.” 

This 7 week group program runs a maximum of 3 times a year usually in January, April and/or September.

1. Complete 10 beautiful creative projects incorporating recycled materials that act a visual triggers to aid learning

2. 7 x Bonus projects to relax and stimulate your thinking

3. Creative writing and thinking exercises to reignite your imagination

4. Boosting your self-confidence and self-belief as you achieve more than you thought you could

5. Weekly Reflective Questionnaires to explore your thoughts and feelings

6. Receive printed course notes or a PDF file for you to print at home

7. Enjoy an oasis of creative time each week to relax, recharge and refocus

8. Access to the online version of this course to refresh and continue your creativity

9. Access to live Q&A webinars to stay in touch.

Inspired by the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success this fun, engaging, innovative course opens your mind to your own potential.

A metaphysical and spiritual view of life with a creative twist. 100% of clients recommend it. 

£550  includes all materials, PDF notes in printed or electronic file, hand-drawn mandalas, reflective questionnaires, bonus projects, online course access and light refreshments.
Please bring your own lunch.
Places are limited and get booked up quickly.
A non-refundable £75 deposit is required at time of booking.

Call Sandra on 0781 361 2955 or email