Transformation Coach 

Leave your Pain and Live your Passion

  • Has life pulled the rug from under you and left you questioning everything you thought was you?
  • Maybe loss, divorce and heartache have left you feeling lost and unable to see your future clearly?
  • Are you suddenly facing life alone at a time when you expected to be settled and comfortable?

Which 'Consciously Create'

Program is Right for Me?

Spiritual Health

A 12-Day online Mini Program to get your started. Get and introduction to metaphysical teaching, why our thought and feelings are so important and experience the benefit of quiet mindfulness. Includes 12 daily online training videos, a fun creative recycling project, 8 hand drawn mandalas and a bonus project.

Consciously Create Your Life

A life transforming 12-Week Program of Self Discovery. We learn best through hands-on experience, fun and support. 

Both 1:1 and Group Coaching options available. If you're ready for change, willing to open your mind to your own potential and do the work necessary for transformation this program is for you.  Let's talk.

What Others Say

Sandra's extensive knowledge of the psychology and spirituality behind changing one's mindset gives her a unique set of skills. She formulated the content in the courses entirely on her own and it is all original.  She has integrity, honesty and kindness that she gives willingly making her approachable, flexible and successful.

Everyone who has worked with her or completed her programs raves about their life-changing qualities. Sandra has allowed herself to be vulnerable and generous with her clients which in turn has given them permission to make changes in their lives and she makes it easy to trust her with this delicate and sometimes emotional change.

Sam Warner - UK

 Entrepreneur and Autism Communication Coach

Sandra became my mentor and I found she was able to bring out the best in me and set me on a path of self discovery. She is a great giver, drawing from years of personal experience and challenges. 

She has a great understanding of personality traits along with her ability to empathise and encourage. She is totally honest and doesn’t withhold if she can see what’s holding you back from progress.

I am happy to recommend her and I am forever grateful for her timely wisdom and friendship.

Greg Lassig - Tasmania

Entrepreneur and Vulnerable Adult Carer

I am a person who is qualified in 3 professional areas. I deliver training in my current professional job role.

Sandra's  bespoke and unique creative self discovery program is one of the most beneficial training programs I have experienced to date. 

The program specifically helped me to :-

* Engage in new thinking

* Regain confidence to succeed

* Enjoy craft activities which produced high quality items

* Express myself as an individual

* Accept and share praise

* Move forward and use my experience to plan ahead creatively

As a direct result I have redesigned my income and life/work balance improving my life satisfaction and well being. The program provides a catalyst for change. 

Lois Breen

Educational Support for Adults