Grief Recovery – Happiness Discovery

Grief Recovery – Happiness Discovery



This 12 month mentoring programme is aimed specifically at ladies who have lost their life partner.
One day your life seems all set, future plans are being made and suddenly the rug is pulled from under you.
Your world comes crashing down and you suddenly have to face a new reality without your partner.


Friends and family help for a while but sooner or later they have to get back to their own lives and you’re left to pick up the pieces of yours. This is the point when many people struggle to know which way to turn. Not wanting to feel a burden to family and friends, many people feel totally lost, alone and devastated.


This 12 month mentoring package will help you through the pain of grief and then recreate your life as you feel most suitable for you.

Dividing the 12 months into three segments enabling you to move seamlessly through a series of programmes to help you get your life back on track.


1. During the first 4 months you’ll have weekly contact and support as you follow the
The Grief Recovery Method Programme
Creative Emotional Healing Workshop
Creative Self Discovery Course


2. During the second 4 months you’ll move to fortnightly contact and workshops as you follow the
 Creative Self Awareness Programme


3. In our final 4 months you’ll move to monthly creative workshops, and planning and mentoring sessions as you prepare to move forward with a new found sense of self confidence, peace and happiness.
Construction of a positive action plan and personal mentoring to ensure your success.

It is vitally important that you and I feel we are a good fit in order for us to work together and for you to benefit fully from this programme.

Your investment for 12 months is £3120 split over 12 monthly payments

Please contact me via email or use the Messenger Button to arrange a no obligation discovery call to see if this programme is right for you.

My deepest desire is to ensure your success and give you the very best support through what is a difficult and challenging time in your life.



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