Relax, recharge and enjoy colouring four of my hand-drawn Mandalas.

Each Mandala is completely hand-drawn with love, not computer generated, giving them a slightly quirky, uneven, gentle look. You’ll receive a free hand-drawn mandala to colour at every live workshop.

Colouring Mandalas is a proven way to reduce anxiety and stress. You can purchase more of my mandalas in my creative planner available on Amazon. Click here to view and purchase.

Mandala Download 1

Mandala Download 2

Mandala Download 3

Mandala Download 4

Faux Glass Flower

Our Mind is like plastic substance and can be moulded anyway we want. The recycling craft project below (From Week 1 of the Creative Self Discovery Course about Potential) visually illustrates there is beauty in everything. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sheila the Thoughtful Sheep

Your imagination is the most previous gift you have as a human being. However it can easily be led astray if left unchecked, just like sheep without a shepherd. This recycling craft project is a fun way to spend time refocusing your mind while also acting as a visual trigger to remind you to guide your thoughts.


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