Grief Recovery Testimonials

For privacy reasons only clients initials are provided.

I was going through a difficult time with my husband when I was given Sandra’s name and number. I thought I wasn’t ready to face the pain of talking about my emotions, but once I began the Grief Recovery Programme everything became easier. Sandra was professional and caring throughout. Her patience, gentleness and understanding of how my emotions were in turmoil really helped me to be able to talk and cry openly and with honesty. The relief it brought is huge!

Having completed the programme, step by step, I’m now able to move forward with my life and to let go of all the pain and hurt that’s been holding me back.

I can’t recommend this programme enough. It works! Sandra is a wonderful person and I feel blessed to have been helped by her.

Thank you Sandra. X (KR)

I wanted to try The Grief Recovery programme because my mind was just full of my ex husband and it was bringing me down to a point I wasn’t really living.

Going through the programme was emotional, I was coming face to face with moments that had happened and I’d been trying to ignore them in my mind. It was a good feeling to get everything out, all my feelings and thoughts and the day after my final session I woke with relief on my shoulders, I felt relaxed and calm.

Now talking about my ex husband doesn’t bring tears and anxiety and I feel peace within myself.

I can’t thank Sandra and the Grief Recovery program enough for giving me peace in mind to move forward. i would recommend it to anyone who needs help moving forward. (AH)

Before completing the grief recovery course with Sandra I felt as if I was carrying a great weight in my heart.  I was unable to deal with the envelope of sadness wrapped around me. I had so many regrets about words unspoken and things left undone.

Sandra’s gentle guidance through the grief recovery process has helped me move from hopelessness to hope, from darkness to light. I now feel more able to move on with my life and remember without sadness or guilt. I feel that the weight in my heart has been lifted. Thank you Sandra. (DV)

I met Sandra at an event we both attended after which we friended on fb and were able to keep in touch. Last year I had a few anxiety/panic attacks which landed me in hospital as I had severe chest pains too. I posted on fb about these and I couldn’t work out why I was having them. Sandra contacted me and kindly suggested she might be able to help me as she knew I had experienced multiple bereavements at a young age. We met and she explained about the grief recovery programme. I accepted this and began my sessions on a weekly basis. I found Sandra extremely kind and had so much empathy towards my situation. The programme has really helped me to move on in a way I never would of thought of doing by myself. I feel calmer not so paranoid and “touch wood” no more anxiety attacks . I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sandra for helping me so much. I was truly blessed to have met her and get so much help. (AB)

Sandra Owen is a qualified Grief Recovery Method Specialist. The 7 week Grief Recovery Course follows the programme in The Grief Recovery Handbook  by John W. James and Russell Friedman who are founders of the Grief Recovery Institute. Each session is undertaken in comfortable quiet surroundings by Sandra who is extremely professional, but a very gentle empathetic therapist. 

The process takes the client through a series of exercises each week using a set text which provides the necessary next steps in the course of action. It is vital that clients fully address issues and engage with this course in order that they benefit fully and gain an awareness and insight from it.

Sandra is an extremely easy person to speak to, she is sincere in her beliefs of the successfulness of the Grief Recovery, and she promotes confidence with her stress on absolute confidentiality. 

I found this programme extremely useful and continue to to benefit from the guidance and insightfulness, which I gained during the sessions. (ET)

I thought the Grief Recovery Method was only for bereavement, so didn’t bother with it. Sandra Owen “caught” me when I was dealing with repressed grief from trauma, broken relationships and bereavement. It was a shock to find we could experience 40+types of grief in a lifetime. More than 40! 

Sandra explained the Grief Recovery Method and how the program fits together. She said our sessions would be judgment-free, complete confidentiality, and hugs if needed. Sandra was helpful, easy to talk to and was quite lovely. There were some things that weren’t easy to share with someone but, at the start of each session, we committed to confidentiality and complete honesty. That small thing helped. The graphs were a bit fiddly but they were the foundation for the final letters. A vital part of the program. Every step was done in order. It was a logical progression. Having been through the program, it’s put together in the right order. I did wonder at first…

I highly recommend Sandra Owen and the Grief Recovery Method. I felt supported and that my feelings were heard, and we each made a new friend. (SM)

I was really apprehensive about dealing with the grief of my mum. Having kept it buried for so long. But I finally took the plunge and did the grief recovery method course with Sandra. It really helped that Sandra had gone through a similar experience and had found the course really helped her. The grief recovery method slowly guides you through so you feel safe to open up those old wounds and let go of those painful emotions that were too difficult to let go of before. Sandra guided and supported me through the course and it even helped me to work through a difficult relationship with someone still alive. Thank you Sandra for all your support, guidance and understanding. I would really recommend anyone to go and do the grief recovery method. (GW)

I would like to say how helpful I found working through the Grief Recovery Programme was. The process really helps to clear negative thoughts, energies and myths. When I read the final letters and then burnt them it was like a weight had lifted from my shoulders. I was feeling much more positive by the end of the course. Sandra was amazing, she is very approachable and supportive throughout. I have made a lovely new friend. (AB)