Grief Recovery Method

Grief Recovery Method

Unresolved grief is a major contributor to anxiety, stress and physical health. Grief affects us all and is often not dealt with in healthy ways that enable us to move beyond the pain of loss.

I discovered the Grief Recovery Method through a friend and colleague at a vital point in my life.

Taking the course enabled me to release emotional pain associated with losing my father to kidney disease at the age of 7 years old and the feelings of anger, frustration, loneliness and confusion following relationship breakdowns. I knew immediately that I wanted to train as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist.

The Grief Recovery Method is an educational tool that has and is helping hundreds of thousands of people regain mental and emotional wellbeing.

Changing lives through Grief Recovery

Individual Program

The Grief Recovery Method® one to one program involves 7 sessions held weekly that take you through the process to complete on at least one loss.
From experience most people have multiple losses to work through, so I offer up to 3 additional Complimentary Sessions if necessary.
You will be required to read specific chapters from the Grief Recovery Method Handbook each week and complete the written element.
The logical, clear, practical steps enable you release and move forward from the pain of loss of any kind.

Group Program

The group programme requires 2 hours per session and takes 8 weeks. Group size 2-6 people.

 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that the Grief Recovery Method can help you that I offer a full 100% money guarantee. (T&C apply)

Please contact me via email, telephone or use the Messenger button to arrange a no obligation, complimentary session to find out more.

Tel: 0781 361 2955


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