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Facing life alone after relationship breakdown, feel more frozen than focused and have no idea how to start making the changes you know you need and want to make? I can help.

Want more from your life, ready to do what it takes but don’t know where to start? I can help.

Want to find clarity and joy, empower yourself to achieve new dreams and find new purpose? I can help.

Right now you don’t know who the real you is and you’re scared you have nothing to offer anyone. You’ve found the right place. I can help.

Sandra Owen is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, experienced coach and qualified woodwind teacher.  Finding herself lost, heartbroken and lacking self belief in 2012, Sandra has invested many years, time and money in rediscovering and transforming herself. She is emerging as a leading coach and mentor in her field and found new purpose and meaning in life. Would you take scuba diving lessons from someone who has never scuba dived?!

Using her extensive knowledge, skills and understanding of self development, craft and metaphysical concepts Sandra has ingeniously combined her passions to create phenomenal programs to help you out of the pit of quiet desperation that often follows tragedy and loss. 

Crisis triggers a need for change but where do you go when you’re stuck and unable to see a way out? The ‘Consciously Create Your Life Program’ is the perfect solution. Reconnecting with your Inner Child and changing the way you see things while using your adult intellect to understand yourself and how you create your life experience is essential to transformation. 

Have you spent so many years taking care of others that you have lost yourself? You want to change your life but have no idea how or where to start, and lack the self confidence to take the steps necessary for change?

You are in the right place. Sandra has a profoundly gentle way of helping people just like you to regain their self belief, self confidence, discover hidden talents, open their mind to their own potential and transform their lives.

Self Development and Recycling Craft are a magical combination that combine learning and play. Practical experience teaches us in ways that reading alone cannot and we all learn best when we are having fun.

The ‘Consciously Create Your Life Program’ enables you to release the pain of the past and create a purposeful and fulfilling future. Book a Complimentary Connection Call with Sandra today to discuss what it is you are wanting from life now.

Sandra lives in Shropshire, UK. She is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, has a BA (hons) degree in Music, the Certificate of Teaching with the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (CT ABRSM) and has over 25 years teaching experience. She has mentored people all over the world as a Master Guide for the MasterKey Experience and is also on the Creative Therapist team at her local hospice.

Email info@sandraowencreative.com or call 0333 772 1633 to book a Complimentary Consultation Call. 

move forward after heartache

In her mid 40’s, facing life alone after two divorces and relationship heartache Sandra had lost self-confidence and self-belief. After devoting half her life to caring for others she realised she had lost herself! Working as a woodwind teacher was no longer fulfilling, her self-esteem was rock bottom, she was a single parent to three children and she had no idea what she wanted from life. In fact she felt ‘Life is crap and then you die!’

Sandra’s search for personal fulfilment and purpose began around 2010 as she started making and selling her own crafts. This small step took her on a journey she couldn’t possibly have foreseen and eventually led to the creation of her own programs and becoming an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist.

Having experienced loss at an early age after Sandra’s father sadly died when she was only 7 years old, she knows the havoc unresolved grief causes. As her journey unfolded it became clear that her whole life had been preparing her for the role she was to fulfil in the arena of self development. Helping others to transform themselves and become the people they were born to be.

Releasing emotional pain is one of the first steps to healing and finding peace. We also learn best through experience and fun. The steps to personal fulfilment can be hard on your own. We cannot see our own eyes and ears without the aid of a mirror. The role of a coach is to help you see what you cannot see for yourself and enable you to make the changes necessary. Sandra is an empathic, creative, gentle, knowledgable and experienced teacher and coach. She gives from her heart to help you heal yours.

How others felt after working with Sandra:

You can move forward after heartache

Call Sandra on +44 (0) 333 772 1633 today, or email info@sandraowencreative.com with a few details and the best time and number to contact you.