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Meet Dawn

Dawn's had her fair share of personal challenges (Her dad died when she was very young, she was bullied at school because she quiet and shy, she's been divorced twice and experienced relationship heartbreak. She's a single mum and has suffered from low self confidence and self belief all her life). 

Dawn is loving, kind and compassionate. She gives 100% to caring for her children and others, while always putting her needs last. She tends to keep emotional stuff bottled up because she thought she needed to be strong for others and she would shut herself away when feeling upset or angry. Dawn's almost half way through her life now and looking back she feels a sadness within her heart at the way things have worked out. She never dreamed for one minute as a teenager that her life would pan out as it has. 

Dawn feels lost, lonely and frustrated. Her job isn't as fulfilling as it was but she's a bit nervous of change because she's not qualified to do anything else. The deep feeling that there must be more to life than what she's living persists day after day. Things are becoming more intolerable at work and she knows it's time to go. But to what? To where?

Dawn is an extremely talented, gifted and resourceful woman but has always feared she isn't good enough. Her worst nightmare is being criticised, judged, or worse, laughed at. After spending years teaching her children to follow their dreams, she's realised she never followed her own. Until now!

As her children are growing up Dawn has more time to invest in her own self development. She's highly organised, motivated and capable. Dawn is ready to step up and do whatever it takes to transform herself but doesn't know how or where to start.

Dawn absolutely loves learning how life works, has started understanding about Law of Attraction and she watches YouTube videos to educate herself. She loves reading and is genuinely loved by so many, she just can't see it herself. She's looking for help. A way through the muddle in her mind and the key to unlock her creative imagination again.

Meet David

David has worked hard, (often 12-14 hours a day) to ensure his family were provided for. He's a brilliant father, yet underneath he feels miserable and unfulfilled. He can't shake it off no matter what he does. He's talked to his doctor and even saw a counsellor for a little while, yet in his heart still something was haunting him.

The feeling that he was simply not living his best life, following his true path played on his mind constantly. He was doing well at work, he was highly respected him and he has some good friends, but something wasn't right.

David began to experience intermittent pains in his body. Backache, asthma attacks, headaches. Nothing serious, just frustrating that he didn't feel 100%. He told himself to be a man........ get over it and get on with life. That's what men do isn't it? He knew loads of people who suffered with aches and pains! He told himself to pull himself together and tried to block out his feelings.

One day, during a routine health check the doctor asked David if everything was ok. His blood pressure was quite high and although not too serious it was a warning sign that he needed to relax more. When he arrived home his wife said 'we need to talk!'  Twelve painful months later David was divorced, living on his own and co-parenting his children. His doctor prescribed a course of antidepressants.

David is a wonderful, caring, kind man who has lost confidence in himself. Remembering how his father walked out on him when he was a little boy without so much as a goodbye, made him determined to be a better father. The tears began to fall. What happened? David is a sensitive, funny, loving guy with a real passion for nature and animals. He enjoys carpentry and painting but hasn't done the things he loves for years. 

He's ready to change, to do what ever it takes to transform himself and help others. He'd love to be his own boss and start his own business. He has a wealth of experience and knows he can make a difference if he can only unlock his heart. Where do you start? He's looking for help.

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